Frequently Asked Questions

Registering & Signing in to My Account

  • Why register and sign in to My Account?

    My Account is your personal online account for Grand Circle Travel. When you register and sign in to My Account, you can access invoices and air itineraries for upcoming trips 24 hours a day; research, manage, and plan your future travels with your personal Travel Planner; view exclusive Last Minute Travel Deals; find traveling companions; and more. Creating an account also allows you to participate in our Travel Forum, and post unbiased and unedited comments about past trips in our Traveler Reviews.
  • How do I register for My Account?

    Click here to register for My Account.

    You will be taken to a new page where you can fill in your contact information and choose a password. Then click the “Register” button.

    Creating a password:

    • Passwords are case-sensitive
    • Passwords must be between 6-10 characters, and may contain numbers and/or letters
  • How do I sign in to My Account?

    You can sign in to My Account from a variety of places on our website, including the “My Account” links at the top of every page. You will be prompted to enter your username or email address and password. If you've forgotten your password, click here to recover your password.

    To stay signed in to My Account, make sure the “Remember Me” box is selected at log-in. Please note: You may be asked to confirm your information again when accessing secure personal information.

    Click here sign in to My Account

  • I am already signed in, why am I being asked to enter my username and password again?

    Privacy is important, and we want to make sure you are comfortable entering your information online. For added security, we will ask you to confirm your information again before displaying any personal information.
  • What is "Remember Me"?

    When the “Remember Me” box is checked, you will remain logged in for 365 days, unless you actively select to sign out. You may be asked to confirm your information again when accessing secure personal information. Please note: When you uncheck “Remember Me,” you will not remain logged in, but if you are a returning user, you will still see your name displayed.

  • What is "This Isn't Me"?

    This feature is most common when there are multiple accounts for your household. When you click “This Isn’t Me,” all of the cookies, or stored information, for the site will be cleared, returning you to the log-in screen. Log in again with your own email address to restore your My Account information.

  • Why haven't I received an email to reset my password?

    If you requested an email to reset your password from our website and haven't received it, please add to your email address book. Also, make sure to check your SPAM or Junk filter, as the emails may appear there.
  • I need additional help

    If you’re still having trouble registering or signing in to My Account, or have a question that isn’t covered on this page, call Traveler Support at 1-800-221-0814.