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2017 Grand Prize Winner
Ernesto Yu, 3-time traveler
Williamsville, New York

A sheep dog herds a flock of sheep in Ireland on Ireland in Depth

Comments from the judges: The dramatic lighting, composition, and subjects give the viewer a strong sense of the location and culture without the need for a recognizable landmark. The photographer had excellent timing and was able to capture the sheep lined up with the dog on the right.

2017 Scenery Winner
Margaret Hites, 3-time traveler
Hickory, North Carolina

November light reflects off a bay in Honfleur on The Seine: Paris to Normandy

Comments from the judges: The strong lighting and inclusion of the darker buildings along the edge—which act like a vignette—immediately draw the eye to the center of the scene. The reflection helps communicate the sense of peace experienced in the location.

2017 Wildlife Winner
Cheryl Carnivale, 15-time traveler
Charlotte, North Carolina

Storks perched in their nest on a small village church on The Aegean Islands, Athens & Ephesus

Comments from the judges: The close crop and simple framing focuses the viewer on this small scene, while the unique cross conveys a sense of location. The image displays a brief, yet spiritual moment the traveler experienced.

2017 Local People Winner
Anthony Tambasco, 7-time traveler
Falls Church, Virginia

A musician of the Tribe of the Three Gorges on China & the Yangtze River

Comments from the judges: The image displays a private, peaceful moment for the musician, giving viewers the feeling they are peaking in on him through the leaves. This sense is strengthened as it takes a moment of quiet observation before noticing his instrument.

2017 Fellow Travelers Winner
Lanis Rossi, 1-time traveler
Voorhees, New Jersey

Travelers lay a wreath on a grave at Rhone American Cemetery in Draguignan, France on Cruising Burgundy & Provence to the Cote D'Azur

Comments from the judges: The photographer has captured a deeply meaningful moment for the group. The power of the image lies in its ability to bring the viewer into the circle to experience the shared emotion and connection to history.

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