Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is there a charge for obtaining needed visas?

    Yes, you are responsible for all applicable visa fees.
  • Will I need a visa?

    If a visa is required for your trip, we will send you a detailed packet with the necessary visa applications, instructions explaining how to fill out the applications, and the visa fees. We will mail this approximately 100 days prior to your departure. If you have purchased your trip inside of 100 days from departure, then we will mail your visa packet on the first business day after you made your reservation.

    For the most up-to-date visa requirements for a specific vacation, please download a Travel Handbook, written expressly for each itinerary. To find the Travel Handbook for your trip:

    • Find your trip under “Small Ship & River Cruises” or “Land Tours” at the top of our homepage
    • Click on “What to Know” on the menu to the left
    • Select “Download the Travel Handbook”

    Or, for your convenience, you may contact PVS International, the passport and visa service we recommend, at 1-800-556-9990.