Frequently Asked Questions

Credits And Savings

  • To earn the full value of my Frequent Traveler Credits, do I need to reserve by or travel by the expiration date?

    You must travel by the date specified on your Frequent Traveler Credit statement to receive the full value of your Frequent Traveler Credits. This expiration date cannot be extended. You can view your credit expiration dates and Terms & Conditions for all types of credits and certificates when you visit My Account.
  • How do I earn my 10% savings with the Good Buy Plan?

    We calculate your Good Buy Plan savings based on your final payment due date. (Unless otherwise stated, final payments are due 90 days prior to your departure.) Essentially, the earlier you pay in full—and by check or electronic funds transfer only—the more you’ll save on the cost of your trip. To earn the maximum 10% savings, you must pay in full one calendar year prior to your final payment due date.
  • How does the Good Buy Plan guarantee the price of my trip?

    To take advantage of our Good Buy Plan, you must pay for your trip in full—and by check or electronic funds transfer only—before the final payment due date listed on your invoice. Once we’ve received your payment, your trip price is locked in; we will not charge you any additional fees, even if our costs go up unexpectedly.
  • Do you require a supplement for single travelers?

    On all Land Tours and select Small Ship Cruise Tours, we offer free Single Supplements. (Space is limited and subject to availability.) On vacations where we must charge a Single Supplement, our supplements are the lowest in the industry because they're priced at our cost. You can also request our free Roommate Matching Service. Request a roommate of the same gender, and your Single Supplement is free—even if we're unable to find you a match.
  • I’m traveling solo, but I’d prefer to share a room. Can you find me a roommate?

    On most vacations, you can take advantage of our free Roommate Matching Service. Request a roommate of the same gender when you make your reservation, and if we’re unable to find you a match, your Single Supplement will be free. You can also take advantage of our Travel Companions service—an online community where you can find like-minded travelers to connect with.
  • Do I receive a benefit if I refer new travelers to Grand Circle?

    Yes. When you refer new travelers, you become a Vacation Ambassador and earn rewards in cash or credit for each referral, ranging from $100 to a total of $5,900 for referring eight new travelers—plus more for every additional referral. Read more about our Vacation Ambassador program.
  • Do you offer senior citizen discounts?

    Grand Circle does not offer a senior citizen discount, however the value included in all of our programs is comparable to the senior rates you'd receive with other companies. Our buying power allows us to secure the best rates available for airfares, trains, hotels, and sightseeing. And because we sell directly to you, there's no middleman to increase the cost. We pass our savings on to you.
  • Will you reward me for bringing a group of travelers with me on my trip?

    If you bring a group of travelers, you could travel FREE! Assemble a group of 10 or more paying travelers on any Grand Circle River Cruise, or a group of 8 or more travelers on a Grand Circle Land vacation, and you can earn free travel. This offer cannot be combined with our Vacation Ambassador Referral Program. Learn more about our Group Travel program.
  • How do I apply Frequent Traveler Credits and Vacation Ambassador Credits?

    If you have a current reservation, visit My Account to see your available credits and apply them online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also call our Customer Service department and ask our Travel Counselors to apply them for you. If you have credits available, but you haven’t yet booked a trip, simply ask your Travel Counselor to apply your credits when you make your new reservation. Credits are not applicable to your initial deposit and are non-transferable. Expiration dates cannot be extended. Visit My Account and see “My Travel Credits” to learn more.
  • I have two reservations. When can I apply the Frequent Traveler Credit to be earned on the first trip to the balance on the second trip?

    You can apply your Frequent Traveler Credit to your second reservation at any time, even if you have not yet departed on your first trip. If you cancel your first trip, the credit will be voided, and you will be responsible for the balance due on your second reservation.
  • Where can I find the current value of my Frequent Traveler or Vacation Ambassador credits?

    To view the current value of any credits in your name, visit My Account and click “My Travel Credits.”