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Welcome to the Inner Circle

Grand Circle Cruise Line Inner Circle Club

Travelers who join Grand Circle for the first time quickly find that many, if not most, of their fellow travelers have traveled with us before, often many times before.

We at Grand Circle are grateful—and proud—that so many of our travelers return to discover the world with us time and time again. To show our appreciation for such loyalty, we created the Inner Circle, a membership rewards program for our very best travelers. Your benefits begin when you reserve your third trip, and increase after you travel with us five and ten times.


A note from Harriet Lewis

Grand Circle travelers are among the most dedicated, devoted travelers in the world. They know the importance of making new discoveries, new connections, and new friends—and that these travel encounters are essential to keeping their approach to life vigorous and satisfying.

Our Inner Circle benefits were created to add even more value to your trips with us, to keep you among our best-informed travelers, and to give you the very best possible service—you deserve it! It is so rewarding for me to know that we play a part in enriching the lives of world travelers like you. Our most cherished goal has always been changing people’s lives. Thank you for trusting us with your travel dreams.

— Harriet

Your Benefits

    • $250 credit on multiple trips within a calendar year—save $250 on your second trip, and on each additional trip within the year. Multiple trips don't need to be back-to-back.
    • First announcements—about new trips, as well as departure dates added to existing trips—before they’re introduced to the public. We’ll also give you advance notice of special offers and savings.
    • Input on new Grand Circle itineraries: As our most experienced travelers, you can help us to choose and develop new trips.
    • Free subscription to Grand Circle publications, including our quarterly newsletter -- now accessible online.
    • A broader selection of pre-trip gifts specially chosen for club members that you may wish to bring on your next trip.
    • Priority luggage service to ensure delivery directly to and from your hotel room or ship cabin.
    • 6% Frequent Traveler Credit toward your next trip: After your 5th trip and on every subsequent trip, we’ve increased the maximum value of your Frequent Traveler Credit from 5% to 6% for the first year following your return.
    • $350 credit on multiple trips in a calendar year: Your credit for additional trips within the calendar year will increase from $250 to $350 per person. This credit applies to any subsequent trip—they don’t need to be reserved back-to-back.
    • Additional $100 Vacation Ambassador Credit: Earn an additional $100 credit for every traveler you refer, in addition to the rewards you already receive as a Vacation Ambassador.
    • $200 per person savings on O.A.T. Private Adventures: You can reserve an O.A.T. Private Adventure for an additional per-person cost above our published price. For our very best travelers—and for every member of your private group—we’ll deduct $200 per person from this additional cost.

Your Benefits at a Glance

A quick snapshot of how your benefits increase over time

Benefit Upon reserving your first trip Upon reserving your 3rd trip Upon completing your 5th trip Upon completing your 10th trip
Frequent Traveler Credit toward your next trip 5% 5% 6% 6%
Additional Travel Credit for multiple trips in a calendar year $250 $250 $350
Additional Vacation Ambassador credit for each new traveler referred $100
Reduced per-person rates on an O.A.T. Private Adventure $200
First announcements of new itineraries and departure dates
A Choice of pre-trip gifts
Free subscription to exclusive newsletters
Input on new itineraries
Priority luggage service

* Please note: Frequent Traveler Credit is worth a percentage of the advertised cost of your trip (less any discounts), applicable toward the next O.A.T. or Grand Circle trip you take within one year.

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