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Welcome to Harriet’s Corner, a special place where I share my favorite travel experiences—and yours, too. Here, you can read my journal about my personal travels; news and updates; articles written by travel experts at Grand Circle; travel tales and photos from travelers just like you; and delicious recipes from around the world. There’s something new to discover each month, so I hope you’ll visit us often.

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Harriet Lewis
Vice Chairman, Grand Circle Travel

Updated: Wednesday, April 22

Every month, I reflect back on some of my favorite travel moments and look ahead to exciting developments on the horizon. Start here to get an overview of what’s new throughout the blog.

Updated: Wednesday, April 22

Whether you want to rave about your Grand Circle experience, or offer advice on how we can do something better, I want to hear from you! Here's where I comment on some of the email messages I've received.

Updated: Thursday, April 16

Here, I share updates and articles that shed light on some of Grand Circle's most popular destinations, written by our Program Directors and other resident experts who understand them best.

Updated: Wednesday, April 22

Not sure where you want to journey next? Read inspiring stories written by and about our travelers, and hear from Program Directors and other Grand Circle associates about their most memorable travel moments.

Updated: Wednesday, April 22

One of Harriet's favorite parts of traveling is trying new foods. Here, you'll find a collection of recipes for international dishes, submitted by Grand Circle associates from around the globe.

View the special videos in our ever-expanding collection to learn more about Grand Circle travelers, our trips, the hard-working associates in our Boston and regional offices, and how we’re giving back to the world we travel.