• Harriet's Corner

    Welcome to Harriet’s Corner, a special place where Harriet Lewis shares her favorite travel experiences—and yours, too. Here, you can read Harriet’s insightful musings about her personal travels in her journal, updates and articles written by travel experts at Grand Circle, travel tales and photos from travelers just like you, and delicious recipes from around the world.

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  • Travel Forum

    Exchange thoughts, experiences, and opinions openly with other travelers, whether you're looking for information on a future trip, or have valuable insights from your own travels you'd like to share.

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  • Travel Companions

    Connect with like-minded Grand Circle travelers and meet new people who not only share your love for travel, but who might also become your new friends as you explore the world together

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  • Facebook

    Learn more about our Facebook online community, a place where you can stay connected with Grand Circle and your fellow travelers. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, get advice, find travel companions, learn what’s new at Grand Circle, share your photos, videos, and stories, and more.

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  • Traveler Celebration Events

    Our regional Traveler Celebration Events are opportunities for you to meet other world travelers who share your passion for learning and discovery, swap travel stories, and give us feedback on how we can to make your experience even better—plus, you’ll be one of the first to preview upcoming trips.

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  • Want to get to know us?

    Join us for a free and informative Travel Presentation & Reception in your area EXCLUSIVELY for new customers, and discover why—with Grand Circle & Overseas Adventure Travel—your next trip will be the experience of a lifetime. At this event and luncheon, you will learn what sets our travel company apart from the rest.

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  • Upcoming Events in Boston

    If you live in or around Greater Boston, or plan to visit the area in the future, I hope you’ll consider joining Grand Circle in Harriet’s Corner—the special space in our Boston headquarters that serves as a physical embodiment of the “virtual” community we share online.

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  • Traveler Photo Contest

    This year, we received thousands of Photo Contest entries, representing countries all around the world. Congratulations to all of our winners—and to everyone who entered our contest.

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  • Grand Circle Gallery

    Grand Circle Gallery in Boston invites you to view our extensive collection of vintage travel posters and breathtaking black-and-white photography from Alan and Harriet Lewis’ private collection, as well as special exhibits on other travel-related themes.

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