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Harriet Lewis
Vice Chairman,
Grand Circle Travel & Grand Circle Cruise Line

Every traveler is a storyteller—and every journey teaches us not just about the world, but about ourselves. Sharing our stories helps us invigorate our memories … and inspires our fellow travelers to follow in our footsteps.

I created Harriet’s Corner to be a space for all of our stories—where I can share tales from my travels, and you can send me yours. Here, you can browse the archives of our popular travel newsletters: our weekly Inside Scoop e-newsletter, which features traveler insights, trivia, and short films—including our featured film of the week below—and our semi-annual Traveler magazine, created for our best Grand Circle travelers.

You’ll also find ways to directly connect with your fellow Grand Circle travelers: ask and answer questions on our Travel Forum, or seek out a new partner in discovery with Travel Companions. Plus, check out a compilation of advice from seasoned female travelers, staff, and guides from around the world in our 101 Tips for Women Travelers booklet.

Wherever you’ve traveled, and wherever you wish to journey next, I hope you’ll find inspiration here—and I hope you’ll inspire me with stories of your own. Email yours to me at harriet@gct.com.

Featured Film

Our most popular independent film from last week’s edition of Inside Scoop

Calendar Thanksgiving Day 2016
Compass Light Productions

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Enjoy travel trivia, traveler insights, unique films, and more in our weekly e-newsletter.

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Exchange experiences, opinions, and advice with fellow travelers about upcoming trips, or places you’ve already been.

Travel Companions

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Traveler Magazine

Our newest semi-annual magazine highlights the experiences of our very best travelers with Grand Circle Cruise Line and Grand Circle Travel, who relive their trips through letters, stories, and photos.

101 Tips for Women Travelers

Our free 101 Tips for Women Travelers booklet features advice from seasoned travelers, staff, and guides from around the world.

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