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2014 Referral Program

Refer new travelers and earn a FREE TRIP as a Vacation Ambassador with the BEST referral program in the travel industry

It's Simple:

  • YOU inspire new travelers to join a Grand Circle vacation
  • NEW TRAVELERS provide your Name and Customer Number when they reserve their first trip

It's Rewarding:

  • YOU earn rewards for each new traveler you refer—ranging from $100 to a FREE TRIP
  • NEW TRAVELERS instantly save $100 on the cost of their first trip

2014 Referral Program Rewards | Looking for the 2015 program?

When you refer 8 new travelers who depart since 1/1/13, you'll earn a FREE TRIP. New travelers can reserve their own trip or join you on a trip; either way, the Vacation Ambassador rewards apply.

Number of
Travelers Referred
Rewards Earned
for Each New Traveler*
Total Reward Value
7 $200 $1,100
6 $200 $900
5 $200 $700
4 $200 $500
3 $100 $300
2 $100 $200
1 $100 $100

*Please note: To earn CASH reward shown above, referred travelers must depart within one calendar year. To earn a FREE trip valued at up to $4,500 per household, 8 referred travelers must depart since 1/1/13. Vacation Ambassador savings cannot be combined with our Group Travel Program.

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