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Our Good Buy Plan: Save up to 10%

With our Good Buy Plan, you can save up to 10% off the total price of your trip on any departure. The earlier you reserve and pay in full by check or electronic funds transfer, the more you'll save. Plus, you'll protect your investment from fuel surcharge increases, currency increases, or other unexpected costs. It’s guaranteedsavings—and peace of mind.

Here's how you'll save with our Good Buy Plan, based on a trip value of $6500:

Pay in Full By Months That You Pay in Full Prior to Your Final Payment Due Date
(90 days prior to your departure date)
Receive Guarantee Your Price and Receive: Save Good Buy Plan Savings Per Person: Save Good Buy Plan Savings
Per Couple:
12 months or more 10% off $550 $1,100
11 months prior 9% off $495 $990
10 months prior 8% off $440 $880
9 months prior 7.5% off $413 $825
8 months prior 6% off $330 $660
7 months prior 5% off $275 $550
6 months prior 4% off $220 $440
5 months prior 3% off $165 $330
Inside 5 months Make your final payment by check within 120 days** $50 off $50 $50

**You will save a minimum of $50 when you pay in full by check. Please be advised that 12 months prior to final payment is approximately 15 months prior to departure. All figures and savings shown are examples only.

Please note: To receive your eligible savings, you have until the applicable Good Buy Plan deadline to pay in full by check or electronic funds transfer. Eligible savings are calculated on your entire trip price after any non-cash payments have been deducted (credit cards, vouchers, credits, certificates) based on how many months prior to departure you have paid in full. Grand Circle Travel’s Good Buy Plan is not applicable on reservations where credit card payments exceed the initial deposit plus Travel Protection Plan amounts, or inside of 90 days of departure.

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