Travel Update: Sailing Conditions in Europe

As you may know, regions of central and northern Europe have experienced extremely hot and dry weather this year. Due to these conditions, the water levels in sections of the Rhine, Main, and Danube rivers are unusually low, which has significantly impacted river ship travel, including some of our European River Cruises—and may affect some December 2018 departures as well.

We are continuously monitoring this situation with the cooperation of our regional offices, who have been in constant contact with us regarding any change to the rivers’ current sailing conditions.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our travelers with all of the features originally included in their itinerary, but some itineraries may change to ensure safe travel. If the impact of low water levels requires a significant change to your trip, a Travel Counselor will contact you. It may also be necessary to make alterations to an itinerary already in progress, and travelers will be notified of the specifics upon arrival.