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Author: grandcircle

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March 05, 2010

Tell us about an experience you had while meeting locals on a GCT Vacation

Author: ajilimojil

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March 10, 2010

Interacting with locals is one of our favorite things to do during our travels.  We have many anecdotes but one of our favorites is from our Egypt river cruise. 

While  docked at Luxor, were "window shopping" on a side street when this young man comes out of an otherwise empty  shop and invites us in.  We tried to tell him we were not buying anything but he insisted on showing us every item in his small shop. Then he started to tell us all about his life and family.  He said he was a soldier on leave for Ramadan and that he was reporting back on duty the next day. He even showed us his train ticket !  He explained that the store belonged to his uncle and he was helping him.. We decided to purchase one of those paintings done on papyrus paper and he called a cousin who would personalize it for us by writing names using the ancient egyptian alphabet.  While his cousin was doing that, he proceeded to take items from the shelves to dress us in typical arab garments!  He then took our pictures and this is the result:

I'll never forget that day!

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