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Author: dnsharlin

Joined: 9/22/2010
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Traveler Since: 2004

September 22, 2010

We are concerned about Egypt Air.  The catalog mentions that "comfort level and service may not be comparable to other international air carriers."  Please e-mail me at about your experience traveling with this air line.  Thanks.

Author: luisa

Joined: 3/13/2010
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Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, Monoco, Croatia, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji. Ireland

Traveler Since: 2006

September 22, 2010

I took the OAT Egypt trip two years ago and the flight was fine. I had more leg room than I had on an international Delta flight. The only airline that I've flown that had better service was Qantas; I don't I think comfort and service on American carriers are any better these days.

There are questions about the flight in the "Our trip to Egypt" post under Destinations and several responses on the OAT web site.

I traveled with a friend and we called Egypt Air well ahead of our trip and requested aisle seats, so she sat in front of me. The flight wasn't full so people spread out and we both had empty seats next to us. The return flight was full and disorganized boarding and they were taking a lot of carryons away at the gate (regardless of size) so be prepared for that possibility and lock your carryond and don't have anything in it you'll need during the flight.


Author: ladymarion

Joined: 9/23/2010
Posts: 2
GCT Trips Taken: 7
OAT Trips Taken: 1
Traveler Since: 2006

September 22, 2010

We flew Egypt Air to & from New York en route to the cruise tour in Egypt. The service was marginal, the food was terrible, and the airplane was the dirtiest I have ever been on! Both going and coming it was filthy, which means it wasn't cleaned in Cairo or New York! As another person said, they were very arbitrary in Cairo about what could and couldn't be taken into the passenger compartment, which our PD, Mr. Amin, had warned us about.If ever  a flight might have benefitted from a glass of wine with dinner, it was that flight, but, of course, no alcohol was served. While it is commendable to fly the national airline, I think GCT/OAT should consider what their customers expect from an international flight.  I would never fly Egypt Air again!

Author: dinek

Joined: 3/9/2010
Posts: 5
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Traveler Since: 2004

September 27, 2010

Compared to other international airlines, EgyptAir is ok but not exceptional. The movies are shown on the screens hanging from the ceilings and don't always work well. The cabin staff is ok but they don't go out of their way like on some other carriers. We order special meals so no problem with that. Seating was the usua for economy class. Plane wasn't dirty and toilets worked. Not a lot of attentiveness to the supplies in there as the soap dispensers were often empty.

It's a long flight (11-12 hours) from JFK to/from Cairo so good idea to sleep and ignore any problems.

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