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Author: captainlarry

Joined: 4/24/2010
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September 20, 2010

I don't know if this is the right location for this thread, but here goes...

First, I have been very satisfied with Grand Circle and will continue to travel with them as long as they provide tours and cruises that are of interest to me. Over the years everything has worked out -- eventually. Sometimes I have had to make several contacts with the Boston offices to get either a correction or an explanation of why something that appeared incorrect to me was, indeed, correct.

To state, as succinctly as possible, the concern I have: there appears to be a breakdown in communication between departments at GCT Headquarters. I have recently been concerned about what I perceived as an incorrect air itinerary. I sent an email and got no response. I made a phone call and got a rep who agreed with me that the itinerary was flawed. He had no record of my previous email. More importantly, he could do nothing about the air itinerary because he could handle only bookings -- air travel was handled by another department. The best he could do was to alert them as to my concerns.

After two weeks of no communication and no changes to the itinerary, I sent another email, requesting at the very least to have receipt of my email acknowledged. Within 48 hours I received a phone call from a very appologetic rep. She agreed that there was a problem and guaranteed a change within the next four business days. The change to an air itinerary that matched the brochure's daily itinerary appeared on line within 12 hours. I was pleased.

Then about one week later I received in the mail a hard copy of the preliminary air itinerary. It was exactly the same as the erroneous itinerary that I had been contesting. My question is, "Where was that originated,  and why did they not have access to the changes that had been made?"

Again, I trust and fully expect that everything will work out fine, but having different stories from different offices within GCT is troublesome, at best. I don't know the physical or electronic layout of the GCT headquarters, I don't even know how many employees are involved. But it would certainly improve the confidence level of clients if the whole company spoke with one voice.

Author: luisa

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Traveler Since: 2006

September 21, 2010

I agree it is confusing when you get different information on the phone and by mail. I'm sorry to read that you were not getting responses to your e-mail. I prefer e-mail to phone calls  and was getting prompt, accurate e-mail responses a couple of years ago but then nothing -- so I gave up and used the phone.

However, whenever I've had questions about my air itinerary, alternative airlines and routes, seats, baggage weight limits, etc. I press the number for "questions about your air portion" when I call and speak directly to an air representative. They have always been helpful and the question resolved quickly. I learned to do that after I called a service rep and said the departure date on my air itinerary was a day off and the rep said that it was correct, so I then spoke to an air rep who agreed the date was incorrect and fixed it.

I hope you get the correct air itinerary in print soon. Like you, I'm generally satisified with OAT and GCT service and information and love the trips, but there is always room for improvement.


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