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Author: svncontinents

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January 17, 2014

Many of us have had to renew our passports due to expiration.  However, the Passport Agency will return the 'expired' passports to us, and for good reason.  It is possible that not all the visas in the 'expired' passport have also expired.  Many countries will allow you to bring the 'expired' passport which contains their unexpired visa and permit you entry even though your 'new' passport does not contain the visa.  So, if you obtain the longer visas initially, this can save you money if you plan to return to the country within the validity of the visa.  Sometimes extending the visa to a year or more is only a few dollars more than the shorter visa, and more cost effective, assuming you plan to return, and certainly far more cost effective with the countries which levy a large fee for the visa in the first place.  But when you get your visa, check to see that the visa does not die with the expiration of your passport.  Most countries will permit the visa to run to its expiration date, but MOST is not ALL.  Check to be certain. 

Author: ed watts

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January 17, 2014

Had I remembered this I would have saved two Argentina fees when I passed through when we went to Antarctica.(and their fee is not cheap!)  I had gotten a new passport of the several I have had  over the years and had completely forgotten about the Argentina stamp that was good for 10 years until we were going toward Customs and saw the sign about the Argentina fee for American citizen!  This is a good suggestion from 7c and, if you secure a new passport, it might be good idea to go through the old one before you put it away to make notes to put with your new one just in case situations like this come up again.

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