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Author: pbnj99

Joined: 6/16/2013
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October 07, 2013

We've just returned from the National Parks Tour that was cancelled after 7 days... and YET... it was one of the BEST tours we've ever been on! We had a spectacular Program Director, Tom Jensen, who with great patience, knowledge, flexibility, and "grace under pressure" helped us to enjoy what we were able to see and do. Before the parks were so ignominiously closed we were able to see Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, Devils Tower. The parks were closed as we headed to West Yellowstone. Instead we explored State parks and areas in Wyoming and Utah and were able to have a good time, (unexpectedly coming across a cattle round-up; watching Bison break down their fence and take over a highway; seeing the Soda Springs Geyser) and ending with attending a practice of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir before GCT had to cancel the remaing 10 days of the tour.  Thank you TOM JENSEN for giving us a great experience in spite of difficult circumstances!  Now we are just waiting for our GCT refund so we can sing their praises as well.

Author: grandcircle

Joined: 3/5/2010
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October 07, 2013

Hello Pbnj99 -

Thank you for taking the time to comment on your experience with Tom Jensen!

We are glad to hear you had a nice time on our America's Majestic National Parks trip despite the sequester. Your post will be forwarded to Tom's manager so she knows of your experience with him.

We hope to host you again soon!

Kind Regards,


GCT Forum Moderator

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