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Author: noseycat

Joined: 5/18/2012
Posts: 86
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Traveler Since: 2007

August 07, 2013

Giving credit where credit is due:  On a recent trip we experienced some minor inconvenience (not the fault of GCCL!!)--one of those things that travelers must take in stride and keep going.  Today we received a totally unsolicited and unexpected financial adjustment from GCCL.  Certainly not necessary, but sincerely appreciated.  We'll put it to good use on another trip.  Our thanks to a good company!

Author: grandcircle

Joined: 3/5/2010
Posts: 418
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OAT Trips Taken: 0

August 07, 2013

Hello Noseycat -

Thank you so much for posting this in the Forum.  We're glad you had a great experience overall!

We look forward to hosting you again soon!

Kind Regards,


GCCL Forum Moderator

Author: captainlarry

Joined: 4/24/2010
Posts: 552
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Traveler Since: 2002

August 08, 2013

As we were finalizing the financial details for our recently completed Ireland in Depth tour I was surprised when informed that we should have been given a $100 reduction as a "Goodwill Refund" from our Northwest National Parks tour last year. Since I had already paid for the tour the $100 was transferred to my checking account. Emma, the customer service rep with whom I was speaking, could not tell me any details about the refund except that there was an entitlement. I cheerfully accepted it but still don't know why it was offered. The only inconvenience I suffered during the tour was totally my own fault.

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