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Author: garyrr

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March 06, 2013

***Subsequent to my response below - the original poster to this thread, asking for opinions on whether vaccinations were needed for travel to China - having doubts as to whether to follow the CDC -     deleted her original posting.     *************

 This was my response to HER (now deleted) post/question:

It never ceases to amaze me that people ask "non medical traveling public" for opinions on this topic!   That's what the CDC is for!  Take their advice!   If you have doubts ask your DOCTOR (or,better yet, a local Travel Clinic -  if not available, many county health departments have a Travel Vaccine dept).   Relying on non medical travelers for their opinion is quite risky!   Of couse "most" people will not have ANY issues with diseases - even without vaccinations!   But, the issue is what is the "risk" - and non professional travelers are NOT the source you should be asking that question!

We have ALWAYS taken the vaccinations recommended by the CDC in all of our travels.  And that has been many vaccinations (for travel to Africa, China, India, Vietnam, etc).

Author: pauline

Joined: 3/9/2010
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Traveler Since: 1999

March 06, 2013

I understand the original poster has deleted her post.  So my response is not relevant.


Why did you wait until a week before departure to inquire about this?  Why didn't you take the advice given out by the CDC?  As Gary pointed out, they are the authorities on diseases.  They have a whole website devoted to information for travelers.  You seem to believe that they are pushing vaccinations for some reason of their own. 

To give the best protection, vaccine for Hepatitis A should be given in two doses the first one about 6 months before departure.  Hepatitis A is the most dangerous kind; Hepatits B does not have as much effect, but both can cause liver damage.

Malaria may not be an issue, depending on where you travel.

And polio is not eradicated in the entire world.

Before I travel in Europe, I check that my measles immunity is still in effect.  They don't immunize as a customary thing in other countries, as they do here.  And I never had measles as a child.

Author: svncontinents

Joined: 11/25/2011
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Traveler Since: 2007

March 09, 2013

We cannot concur more vigorously with Gary's comments posted above.  However, unlike Gary, we are not amazed than these questions are asked of non-professionals.  A bit of understanding about human nature gives one the answer.  Barring one's ignorance as to the CDC being a source( which is indeed a possibility ), it is apparent that the those who post those questions simply do not desire to follow the advice, so they look to the web site hoping that there will be an outpouring of opinion which supports what they want to do.  So this gives them rationale( everyone else if doing it, or not doing it, so it must be OK for me to either do or not do it ).  We don't think that's a good way to decide, but we surmise that that's what goes on.  Exactly the same set of circumstances which surround the issue of obtaining visas in advance.  People want to see support for what they've already decided to do.  Makes them feel that they're right, even if they aren't( everybody's jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge and not getting hurt, so it's OK for ME to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, because I won't get hurt ).  However, in the case of vaccinations, there can be serious consequences to them.  We concur that professional advice should be solicited, and that advice is not going to be found on a web site where non-professionals are offering same.

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