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Author: christiea

Joined: 5/7/2010
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September 03, 2012

We are advised to be sensitive to customs in various countries, such as women wearing a hat or scarf and shoulder covering in churches, and everyone taking off shoes when entering homes in Japan or temples in Thailand and Burma.  Do we need to be instructed not to wear a cap anywhere in a restaurant or at dinner?

A recent GCT video showed a home-hosted dinner with one man - not a teenager - wearing a cap at the table.  This is tacky and rude.  Perhaps tour guides should gently advise their tourists (not travelers, who know better) that hats belong outdoors - or at a stadium, if you must eat with your cap on.

Author: pauline

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September 03, 2012

Perhaps, he was Jewish.  Observant men cover their heads when eating.  And in mixed groups, explain why.

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