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Author: hrpets

Joined: 5/6/2012
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May 06, 2012

As I was in Africa, my friends, the Conlons from Boston booked the Great Rivers trip to use some of our discounts from the S. American trip around Cape Horn. We had discussed were we would go, and to tell the truths I was not very keen to go on a river cruise. I used to be a Marine Engineer, and love the ocean. After my retirement I took my spouse on many cruises, many through GCT. I also went once on a Rhine rivcer cruise in 1972 which was not that great, especialy has we had to get off the boat, and had to proceed by train, as there was not enough water in the Rhine for the boat . well since they booked the trip I went along. The trip was booked for March 18th to April 2nd. The nice surprice started when GCT booked our flight from CLT via Paris, which I refused to accept, the few times I had to fly via Paris was a disaster. GCT came back with a direct flight from Charlotte to Munich/Vienna, and return from Amsterdam to Munich and direct to CLT. What an improvent from GCT.

I read an article, and can't remember if it was in a magazine or newspaper, that whenever you on a river cruise, make sure you go at night a shore to eat in a restaurant as the kitchen on the boat is as big as a van and the food is lousy. What a surprice, the cabin was bigger than I anticipated and very nice. The food was excellent on par with big cruise ships, we had a total of seven chefs in the kitchen, the staff went out of their way to be helpful and made the trip as pleasant as they could. The tour directors were all pleasant and knowledgable and really showed us a good time. The included tours were excellent, my highlight   was  that I was able to print a document on the Gutenberg press in Mainz which I treasure very much.

I must say thank you to the whole staff and tour directors of the River Aria again, and anybody is doubtful, as I was, for a river boat tirp, mark my words you in for a treat.

Helmut Renner, many time traveler with GCT   


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