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Author: singsling

Joined: 6/23/2010
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April 26, 2012

Just thought I'd mention this.  We have traveled on 8 trips, at least, and each time GCT has included in our final documents a list of  hotels we will be staying with contact information.

I  hate to take the time to look  up each hotel to make sure the hotels information is correct, but alas, invariably I find incorrect telephone numbers and usually no email contact.

We just got our final documents for the Ireland in Depth trip we are leaving on soon.  Several telephone numbers were incorrect.  I think it is important that my family be able to reach us in case of emergency.  I cannot rely on email because often getting a laptop from the front desk of river ships is not always available, cannot get signal if using our  own computer, etc. 

I tried to find the hotel on the web but doing a search would always give me a booking site, which does not display the hotels' telephone.  Occasionally I will keep scrolling until I find a site directly to the hotel.  Most times, not.  When I am able to get a direct hotel website, they usually include an info email.  I used this method and sent emails to 5  hotels; Four responded back with different telephone, fax and email than provided on line (which is often a  hotel's chain resevation line).or by GCT in my final packet.  

I ask to confirm the telephone number which I include the one GCT gives in the list,, and a good email address directly to the hotel in case of family emergency..  The hotels are most accommodating and I feel comfortable with correct telephone numbers and better yet with email address to leave with my family.   

So if yu are going on the Ireland in Depth soon, you may want to check out the phone numbers. 

Jo Anne






Author: luisa

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Traveler Since: 2006

April 27, 2012

Verifying the contact info provided by GCT is a good idea. When I do a hotel search, I always look for "official site" which usually follows booking sites. The hotels often have web sites e.g., "" or the hotel name plus "/home" which will bring you to the home page where you'll find contact information.

I hope you enjoy your Ireland trip, it's a good one.

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