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Author: aspengal

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27 countries (and counting) on all continents except Antarctica

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October 01, 2011

I highly recommend the book "IRELAND" by Frank Delaney.  Through the 'voice' of a traditional Irish storyteller and his stories, Delaney provided an entertaining way to learn about Irish history from ancient times through the 1919 rebellion which led to Ireland's independence from Great Britain.  Several of our fellow travelers also read this book & liked it.  I think GCT should add it to their "Suggested Reading" list for this tour.

Author: luisa

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October 15, 2011

I just returned. Our PD had a few  books available on the coach for us to browse through while riding. I began reading a small book, A Pocket History of Ireland,  but didn't have time to finish. I  bought it at the National Museum in Dublin for 4.99 euros (fabulous museum with a nice cafe).

The book is hard cover (5" x6", 225 pages) too heavy for a pocket, but high quality paper and illustrations. The  history begins with the tomb builders and ends with contemporary culture -- song, dance, poetry.

Off topic, but wish I'd brought: jeans. Thrilled I brought: rain jacket with hood.

Happy travels.


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