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Author: happyretirees

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April 20, 2011




We just returned from a great trip to Sicily. We also took the pre and post trips and gathered the following information regarding internet connections, TV channels, etc. Hopefully this information will help fellow travelers.


Sorrento - Caesar Augusto Hotel


Internet Connections: I found I could get a free internet connection sitting at a table on the hotel’s lower patio to the left after you exit the back door of the hotel. The wi-fi connection is from a parking garage on the street, Via Fourimura, leading to Piazza Tasso. The connection was good. Another option for free internet, from the garage, is to sit on the patio of La Primavera a pastry shop on the corner directly across the street from the back of the hotel (20 Via Fourimura). The steps from the back patio will lead directly to the corner. Their pastries and latte’s are excellent, and the prices aren’t bad. Another option for a free connection are the sidewalk benches almost directly across from the garage entrance.


There is a computer store, PC Lab, on the ground floor of a building across the street from the front of the hotel. As you exit the front door of the hotel, cross the street and walk to your left - the PC Lab is the fifth door from the corner of the building. Their wireless fees are 3 Euro per hour, BUT, one day wireless was available, the next it was not. Their hours of operation are ???…they are closed on Sunday and didn’t seem to have any consistent hours of operation.


TV: CNN and BBC are available.


Sandwiches, etc.: There is a MiniMarket/GreenGrocer on Via Fourimura about 300 feet towards Piazza Tasso from the hotel. The mini market is on your right. They will custom make sandwiches. Chips, soft drinks, wine and beer are also available. The mini market is open until about seven in the evening, but is closed on Sunday.


Grocery Store: There is a large grocery/department store (Standa) near the hotel at 221 Corso Italia. Walk down to Piazza Tasso along Via Fourimura and turn right on Corso Italia. The grocery store is on your right about 1000 feet from Piazza Tasso. The grocery store is open seven days a week. Large bottle of water .59 Euro.




Palermo - Crystal Palace Hotel


Internet Connections: The hotel has a free computer, and wireless, available in the lobby, also each room has a free wireless connection.


TV: CNN, channel 13


Grocery Store: There is a small mini-mart, Ferrarini Mini Mart, near the hotel which has basic items and makes sandwiches. As you exit the hotel on Via Roma, turn right and walk to the end of the block, turn left on Via p. pe Belmonte. The mini mart is on the right hand side a block plus a little bit more above Via Roma




Agrigento - Dioscuria Bay Palace Hotel


Internet Connections: Free wireless is available in the lobby. Internet connections are available in the rooms for a fee.



Giardina Naxos (Taormina) - Hilton Giardina Naxos


Internet Connections: Wireless, for a fee, is available - 7.5 Euros for 60 consecutive minutes, 12 Euros for 240 consecutive minutes. I did not locate any other internet availability connections in the vicinity of the hotel.


TV: Fox News, channel 14; BBC - World, channel 22


Grocery Store: There are two mini-markets near the hotel. One, the Top Market, is to the left as you exit the hotel. Signs lead to the market. The other market, the Euro Market, is across the street and about 600 feet to the right of the hotel. The Euro Market makes sandwiches and has drinks, etc., available (salami sandwich 1.5 Euro)





St. Julians, Malta - Golden Tulip Vivaldi Hotel


Internet Connections: Wireless available in lobby and rooms. Connection fee 3 Euro for 60 anytime minutes. There are many internet café’s in the area with comparable fees.


TV: Sky News, channel 13, plus numerous English speaking channels


Take Out Food: There are numerous small restaurants, all within very close walking distance to the hotel, offering take out food. A Burger King is two blocks to the left, and then another left and a short one block walk to the corner.


Grocery Store: A large grocery store ( ) is an easy walk from the hotel - about four blocks. Clerks at the desk can direct you.



Ostia (Rome), Italy - Satellite Palace Hotel

Internet Connections: Computer available for .35 Euro a minute.

TV: BBC, channel 34

Author: ndegbert

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August 28, 2011

I leave for the Tuscany/Amalfi trip in 3 weeks.  Really appreciated your info on Sorrento.

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