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Author: pauline

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August 05, 2011


There's a bus line, City Link, that goes between Shannon and Galway.  It takes about an hour and a half.  When I went out of the terminal in Shannon to our small transfer bus, I noticed some of those busses waiting.

It makes more sense to go directly Galway if you can get into the hotel.  There's nothing to see in Shannon.

Author: dondaro

Joined: 6/10/2010
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August 05, 2011

Correct there is a bus to Galway. Google "Buses from Shannon to Galway" and you can find al lkinds of information on various websites including prices and schedules. We took the bus and had no problems. The bus drivers are very helpful.

Author: luisa

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August 07, 2011

Thanks Dondaro and Pauline. I had checked for buses but there was no schedule for City Link so e-mailed and their response was they are no longer operating from Shannon, so it will be Bus Eireann, which is fine but unless my flight arrives a bit early (ha!) I'll  miss the 10:00 am bus and will have to wait an hour for the next one so was hoping for City Link. Oh, well it will work out.

Pauline, I couldn't work out a decent schedule from Florida to Boston for Aer Lingus so have to fly Delta from JFK (not happy about that), but the good part is I got a non-stop from Dublin to Atlanta and a flight to Florida at a decent time.  Afraid of being jammed in a tight economy seat, I reluctantly paid for "Economy Comfort" to get a couple more inches.

Sorry to be posting on the China site but didn't want to start a new thread.

Author: proffrancaise

Joined: 3/10/2011
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November 16, 2011


I'll be booking the trip to China for July 2012 and am now booked on Delta JFK-Tokyo-Beijing.  Please let me know the price of the flight from Newark to Beijing on Continental. 

Thank you.

Author: nanaandpapa

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November 17, 2011

Based on a July 12 departure. Newark to Beijing is $2,080 on Continental, nonstop. Newark to Beijing via Vancouver on Air Canada is $1,688. Grand Circle is $1,050.  These fares are based on

Unless You have a specific reason or traveling in July, we would recommend going earlier or later in the year. China is extremely hot in the summer. We went in late April, 2007, and it was quite hot then.

Jack Donoghue

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