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Author: aspengal

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March 20, 2011

I've convinced two gal-friends to come along with me to "Ireland in Depth" in October 2011.  Two of us are doing the N. Ireland pre-trip, with the 3rd gal joining us for the main tour.  We've already found an Irish crystal place in Dingle (via the Internet) which has the most beautiful crystal glass & vase designs.  The man who owns it used to be a master carver for Waterford before he started his own shop - we're looking forward to finding his store while we stop for lunch in Dingle.  We're also hoping to find some kind of performance to attend at one of the theaters while in Dublin - although it's luck of the draw since we have only 1 'free' evening in Dublin (I've bookmarked the web sites of all the Dublin theaters, & will be watching for them to post their Winter 2011-2012 schedules).

Anyone else going on this tour the beginning of October?  I'm particularly fascinated by Irish music, dance, the Celtic language, and of course experiencing that infamous Irish hospitality in the local pubs (I don't like Guiness, but can consume a pint or two of Harp, & a dram of Irish whiskey to warm me up on those cold n' damp evenings!)

I can be contacted directly at:


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