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See how a 3-time traveler hosted a Travel Party and earned a FREE TRIP.

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“I opened My Account on the website, and it told me in big letters that I had earned a free trip! I was ecstatic! It feels so luxurious, thinking, ‘My gosh, I can go anywhere in the world.’”
—Jean Anderson
Travel Party Host
Burlington, VT

A Travel Party is a fun way to gather friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to share your love of travel. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to earn Vacation Ambassador referral rewards up to a FREE TRIP.

How it works

  1. Plan: Contact us to arrange a date and location for your Travel Party. It could be your home, a country club, a coffee shop, or any other gathering place. Invite at least 8 guests who love to travel.
  2. Enjoy: On the day of your Travel Party, your Grand Circle Representative will give a short presentation about our trips, raffle off a prize, and answer any questions your guests may have.
  3. Earn: You earn up to $200 in travel credits just for hosting, and you’ll earn increasing referral rewards—ranging from $100 to a FREE TRIP. If your guests reserve within three weeks of the party, they’ll enjoy exclusive savings, too.

Rewards for you and your guests

  • NEW TRAVELERS instantly save $300 per person when they reserve their first trip within three weeks. (That’s $200 in exclusive savings for attending, plus $100 in Vacation Ambassador rewards.)
  • EXISTING TRAVELERS instantly save $100 per person when they reserve any trip within three weeks. (That’s exclusive savings for attending.)
  • YOU earn up to $200 in travel credits just for hosting. PLUS, you earn increasing Vacation Ambassador rewards for each new traveler who reserves and mentions your information. You’ll earn $100 in cash or credit for your first referral … all the way up to a FREE TRIP. You could earn total rewards valued up to $5,800!

Please note: The savings and rewards noted above cannot be combined with our Group Travel Program. To earn a FREE trip valued up to $4,500 per household, 8 referred travelers must depart in the span of two calendar years (either 2012 and 2013, or 2013 and 2014).

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