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Reserve now and save up to 10%

Reserve early, pay in full, and SAVE with Grand Circle’s Good Buy Plan. You’ll lock in your price, guarantee your savings, and enjoy peace of mind.

We’re proud to guarantee your trip price and offer savings of up to 10% when you reserve early and pay in full by check or electronic funds transfer.

To see an example of how you could benefit with these exclusive savings, view the chart below—based on a departure of our The Great Rivers of Europe River Cruise vacation, with a price of $5495 per person:

Months Prior to Departure That You Pay in Full: Lock in Your Price
and Save
Good Buy Plan
Savings Per Couple:
12 months or more 10% $1099
11 months 7% $769
10 months 6% $659
9 months 5% $549
8 months 4% $439
7 months 3% $329
6 months 2% $219
5 months 1.5% $164
120 days (when you make your final payment by
check or electronic funds transfer)
$50 $50

Please note: To receive your eligible savings, you have up to 14 days after you make your reservation to pay in full by check, or electronic check. Grand Circle's Good Buy Plan is not applicable to payments received after your final payment due date. Your entire remaining balance after your initial deposit must be paid in full by check, or electronic check only to qualify; any reservations with additional payments by credit card are ineligible for the Good Buy Plan. Vouchers, credits, and certificates are non-cash payments and can be combined with check payments. These vouchers, credits, and certificates are applied to your main trip price prior to calculating the Good Buy Plan savings.

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