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Author: dreamtrip97

Joined: 2/24/2013
Posts: 2
Trips Taken: 1
Traveler Since: 2013

May 26, 2013

My husband and I are very excited to be gifted this amazing trip by my father!  Less than 2 months left to go!  Anyone else out there joining us?

Author: shatzi

Joined: 3/10/2010
Posts: 59
Trips Taken: 6
Traveler Since: 2009

May 26, 2013

Sadly, I will not be joining you, but can imagine your excitement. We have taken this trip in the past and it is indeed wonderful.  If no one replies to your post about joining you on July 19th, be assured that you will meet some wonderful people as soon as you get off the plane.  You will make friends for a lifetime.  Enjoy your preparation and the great trip! 

Author: dreamtrip97

Joined: 2/24/2013
Posts: 2
Trips Taken: 1
Traveler Since: 2013

June 17, 2013

Thanks, Shatzi!  My husband and I are so excited and the time is flying by as our departure gets closer!  Any tips on what to pack?  I've heard no jeans, only dressy clothes.  Ideas?  Tips?

Author: dgevry

Joined: 9/4/2010
Posts: 63
Trips Taken: 5
Traveler Since: 2010

June 17, 2013


We will be leaving for this cruise on September 9th, 2013 with the Lucerne pre-trip and are also looking forward to it. We have taken 2 previous river cruises with Grand Circle, the Great Rivers of Europe and Holland and Belgium in Springtime.  Dress on both of these was casual. Jeans or slacks were appropriate for the walking tours. People did not dress up for dinner - just slacks and a top (jeans were not normally worn at dinner although I don't think there was a rule against it). For the Captain's Welcome and Farewell Dinners ladies wore a slightly dressier top (maybe add a scarf or some jewelry) and slacks, and men wore slacks and a button down shirt. I brought a dress the first cruise and wore it once, but only about 3 ladies wore a dress or skirt, so I didn't pack one for the 2nd cruise. Men do not need a jacket or tie. I love the fact that dress on board is neat/casual - so much easier to pack light. Just bring comfortable clothes, especially shoes as you will be walking on cobblestones. Have clothes you can layer, as it can be cool in the early morning or evening, and bring a rain jacket and small umbrella.  Have a great time!


Author: rkauzlarich

Joined: 3/13/2010
Posts: 36
Trips Taken: 9
Traveler Since: 2009

June 17, 2013

I concur with everything Diane has said about how to dress.  Having been on several river cruises, I can safely say that dressy clothes are not the norm...not at all.  For dinner, slacks can get you through nicely, mixed and matched with different blouses, tops, sweaters. Flats or sandals on your feet for dinner, but I have seen many women wearing their walking shoes to dinner also. Relax and enjoy!  People generally dress up just a little bit for the Captain's dinner, but again slacks are fine, perhaps with a scarf or some piece of jewelry but no need to go all out.

Hope this helps.

Author: singsling

Joined: 6/23/2010
Posts: 241
Trips Taken: 11
Traveler Since: 1995

June 17, 2013

Been on several GCT river cruises; first ones we were on people changed into smart casual for dinner  After that, GCT changed language to "and you don't even have to dress for dinner".  Then we started seeing people in jeans, just what they wore during their day tours, with sport shoes, even sweatshirts; one man wore the same gray or blue sweatsuit daily for 5 straight days.  We all were glad he changed on the 6th day.  No kidding, to tour, breakfast, and dinner, and lunch if we were on the ship.  No one challenged.  We usually change into smart casual but not always, like the others said, nice to dressy top for women, polo or button down shirt or sport shirt for men.  Most men if you hear their discussion, will say they are glad they don't have to dress up anymore.

Author: par5drl

Joined: 5/15/2011
Posts: 12
Trips Taken: 2
Traveler Since: 2011

June 18, 2013

All of the above replies are spot on...We were on the Great Rivers Cruise in Aug of 2011 and will be going on Rhine & Mosel Trip in Aug this year (Only 42 more days ). You will receive the GCT  Travel Handbook that has  excelent answers  to your questions.( Page 18, Clothing Sugestions and Packing in General) We are sure you will have a great trip...Bon Voyage

Dave & Linda

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