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Author: merleo

Joined: 4/23/2012
Posts: 31
Traveler Since: 1996

April 15, 2013

Countdown:  192 days and I'm so excited.  I'm going on this trip in October.  I've read the reviews  - all positive - but would like know if the groups ever go to 38.  I usually travel with OAT (10-16 in a group). With this trip I will have a few days in Istanbul which I would have opted for with OAT.  I requested the extension to Adana and Urfu but notice it was taken off my current itinerary so I thought they probably didn't have anough travelers or maybe had too many..Are walking sandals ok at that time of year or should I take hiking boots? I'm thinking that shoes are removed when visiting a mosque and lace-ups are more time consuming. Also, has anyone been on Turkish Air? I'm booked on this airline since it's a direct flight to Istanbul from LAX. I've never been in Premier Economy before so wonder if it's an advantage. Has anyone been in this class?  I read the reviews online, some good some not so good including the service by atttendants. Would appreciate any feedback.

Author: luisa

Joined: 3/13/2010
Posts: 511
Countries Visited:

Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, Monoco, Croatia, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji

Traveler Since: 2006

April 16, 2013

We had a full group on my October trip a few years ago, it's a popular trip. The weather was great, hardly ever needed a jacket. I swam in the Med in Antalya and I don't like cold water.

You have to remove your shoes for the mosque visit and we were asked to remove our shoes at the home-hosted lunch, so that was only twice on the entire trip. Sandals are fine, some people on our trip wore them; I think I used lace-ups for some sites where we'd be walking through dirt and a sneaker-type slide that is easy to take off for others. I don't think you need hiking shoes, but might want socks for the mosque and the lunch.

We had good weather and I even swam in the Med in Antalya and I don't like cold water. I think the sea was warmer than the hotel pool.

It was a great trip, one of my favorites, but there are some long bus rides. That didn't bother me, I thought the scenery and the destinations were interesting, but some people complained, which I don't understand because it is clear in the itinerary that there would be long bus rides. There is a map on this web site that clearly shows that there will be a lot of area traveled.

Turkish Air is fine, as good or better than some American airlines. I don't know about their premium economy, I've only used it on Delta and was glad that I did for the extra leg room.

The hot air balloon ride in Cappadoccia is wonderful. I hope you're taking extra days in Istanbul, it's amazing; I yearn to return.

Author: merleo

Joined: 4/23/2012
Posts: 31
Traveler Since: 1996

April 16, 2013

luisa, thanks so much for your input.  I'm so looking forward to this trip which has been in my bucket list for a long time.  I'll take your suggestion and leave the hiking boots at home but will have a few pair of 'mis-matched' socks and lace up slides.  Like you, I don't mind the long bus rides, gives me time to journal if the roads aren't too bumpy and enjoy the scenery. I do plan the balloon ride weather permitting.  I'm a light packer and am counting on the hotels' laundry to keep me in clean clothes assuming the hotels have laundry service. I checked online for premium economy/plus seatings and the reviews and arrangements look fine.  I think I'll survive the 9-10 hour flight. 

Author: tickleddpink

Joined: 4/5/2011
Posts: 6

June 15, 2013

merleo -

I did this trip in May 2011 and it was fabulous! Rana Erol, our PD was the best, too. But I wanted to let you know about my experience with Comfort Class on Turkish Airlines - OMG!! The leg room was the best - 44" inches I think. The seats were fine and the food was great. It was well worth the extra money. I flew from LAX to Istanbul nonstop, unlike some of my other fellow travelers from the West Coast - they had 3 flights to get there.



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