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Author: gfidiam

Joined: 2/2/2013
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February 02, 2013

I have just booked a trip withOAT to go to Serengeti for a safari. I understand the safari vehicles can be very bouncy and can give you a uncomfortable ride. I would like to get some comments on this since I have had two neck surgeries and can not ride a roller coaster anymore due to possible more damage to my neck.Can you help me with your comments as to how hard a ride it is inthe cars.



Author: svncontinents

Joined: 11/25/2011
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February 02, 2013

Grace, when you go on game drives, you will be riding over dirt roads in the parks.  Obviously, the condition of those roads varies with the weather, road traffic and animal traffic.  A relatively smooth road one day, can be quite bumpy the next day.  You should be aware that the driver/guides will move slowly when riding on these unimproved roads.  When riding between camps, some roads are paved, some not.  The trip can be bumpy.  We would suggest that you have a conversation with your physician to get a clear opinion as to any danger as it may apply to you and your condition. 

Author: suepoor1234

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Traveler Since: 2007

February 03, 2013

I found the least-bumpy place to ride in the safari vehicle is in the front next to the driver, or as my kids would say "shotgun."  It is, however, not the best place from which to take photos or see the game the driver/guide will be pointing out.  As a courtesy, be sure to let the drive/guide and the other passengers know why you need to take the front seat. And it isn't just the safari segments that can be rough; much of the roadways are little improved.  China has huge road-building projects throughout Tanzania and Kenya, so there are dust and construction activities associated with those. 

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