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Author: donaldjudy68

Joined: 8/6/2011
Posts: 14
Trips Taken: 4
Traveler Since: 2011

June 10, 2012

We just sighed up for this trip beginning Oct 9 with the pretrip safari. It's good value with an itinerary we like.  We'd love to hear from others that are going.  We plan so the malaria pills  for the trip.  Any suggestions for clothing, medications etc would be welcome.  What is recommended for diarrea (over the counter or perscription)?  I heard it's better not to take black clothes. What types of things did you bring back?  We did the "Crossroads of Turkey" trip last October, and it was wonderful so I'm expecting this to be equally good.. Thanks for any information.

Author: svncontinents

Joined: 11/25/2011
Posts: 230
Trips Taken: 13
Traveler Since: 2007

June 15, 2012

 You won't have to worry about the color of your clothes in Southern Africa.  if you took at OAT trip to Eastern Africa, where there are tse tse flies, the recommendation is that you wear earthtone colors.  You would see that the tse tse fly traps are colored black and blue, because these colors attract the flies.  Flies are minimal to non-existant in Southern Africa.

As to malaria pills-we have used malarone for five trips and have never had problems, although on two of the five trips, a few people developed a rash, which was attributed to the medication.  a small price to pay for protection against malaria.  There is now a generic available for malarone, so it should be even cheaper.

The Grand Circle trip is not as adventurous as the OAT trip, so you likely will not get the same exposure to wildlife, but you will get some.  It is recommended, however, that you consider your travel insurance, and purchase a policy with a rather large evacuation benefit, if you need it.

Author: mauiwahine

Joined: 12/28/2010
Posts: 8
Trips Taken: 2
Traveler Since: 2011

February 08, 2013


Thank you for the information you posted regarding Highlights of SA.  I do have one question which I hope you will be able to answer for me.  When traveling to Johannesburg, did you stop in Dakar, Senegal?  I am on a South African Airways flight next month that makes a stop in Dakar.  According to GCT, we do not deplane.  However, CDC and the "Yellow Book" state that if you pass thru a country that has Yellow Fever issues you are required to have proof of Yellow Fever Vac., or a doctor's note stating why you shouldn't have it, etc. in order to enter South Africa. Did you experience this, or has anyone else taken this trip and had this experience.  If so, did you get the shot or the note?  Any help would be appreciated.


Author: fleetfoot

Joined: 3/10/2010
Posts: 45
Trips Taken: 9
Traveler Since: 2006

February 08, 2013

We did the GCT Highlights of SA in July, 2012.  Our SA flight to Johannesburg we stopped in Dakar and stayed on the plane for about one hour.  Nobody in SA asked us about any shots.  We always carry our yellow card but we were not asked to show it.

Author: svncontinents

Joined: 11/25/2011
Posts: 230
Trips Taken: 13
Traveler Since: 2007

February 09, 2013

 The question about having the shots if you 'pass through' a country is up for interpretation.  Very likely, if you don't leave the plane( or even perhaps the international area of the airport ), you haven't really 'passed through' the country.  But that decision will be made by some official; not by us or anyone else on the internet.  We would suggest that if you are concerned, you get an 'official' interpretation by asking both Grand Circle, AND the consulate of any conutry which might require those shots.

As a final comment, the fact that some immigration official failed to check to see if a traveler had the appropriate shots when they should have had them doesn't necessarily mean that the same immigration official will be the one YOU get.  Our advice; if on the basis of your checking, you discover that the shots are needed, take them.  If no one checks, no loss.  But if someone DOES check, and you don't have them....

Author: travelann

Joined: 3/12/2010
Posts: 44
Trips Taken: 7
Traveler Since: 2010

February 09, 2013

 When I checked the CDC website it said anyone transiting yellow fever site. I checked Senegal site and it said exactly the same......transiting. CDC website did not list Senegal as a yellow fever spot. To be a transit passenger you would have to actually deplane . Since we would be remaining on the plane , we would not qualify as a transit passenger.

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