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Under Full Steam: The Golden Age of Ocean Liners

May 7 – September 6, 2014

Under Full Steam showcases a stunning exhibit of vintage travel posters that explore travel by steamship from the late 19th century through 1960. The posters, most of which are on loan from Boston’s International Poster Gallery (, will transport visitors to a bygone era when the ocean liner was “the only way to cross” in more ways than one. Of all travel experiences, few can rival the romance and adventure of an ocean crossing on a “floating palace” like the Mauretania or the Queen Mary.

The show begins in 1890, when steamship companies began advertising their first “superliners” with another new marvel, the lithographic poster. It concludes with the onset of the Jet Age in 1960, when the jet reduced intercontinental travel to mere hours rather than days, forcing the ocean liner to reinvent itself as the cruise ship.

The posters are exhibited in five major groupings chronicling the history of ocean liners:

  • Samuel Cunard and the Birth of the Modern Ocean Liner (1840—1897)
  • Rivalry on the Seas (1897—1918)
  • Post WWI: Recovery and Reinvention (1918—1928)
  • Ships of State (1929—1939)
  • Postwar: The Last Liners and the Rise of the Cruise Ship (1945—1960)

Art Walk, Fort Point’s Spring Open Studios

May 9, 4-7 pm
May 10, 12-5 pm
May 11, 12-5 pm

Discover Boston’s art scene during the Fort Point Arts Community’s Spring Open Studios, May 9-11, 2014. The annual event features open access to the waterfront warehouses that have become the creative workspaces for many area painters, photographers, ceramicists, fashion designers, printmakers, and more.

The Spring Open Studios is open to the public with free parking in the Central Parking Lot on Binford Street.

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