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Vacation Ambassador Referral Program: Tips & Tools

If you’re sharing your travel stories with friends and family, you’re already on your way to earning rewards as a Vacation Ambassador. Our downloadable referral cards make it even easier to refer—keep them in your wallet or purse and distribute them at dinner parties, country clubs, alumni events, and anywhere else you might meet passionate travelers. You can also share your experiences on blogs or travel forums. Get creative! Check out our tools below for more inspiration.

Travel Parties

Hosting a travel party is an easy—and fun—way to earn a free trip

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Referral Cards

Print your own referral cards so you’ll always have some handy


Referral Kit

The complete guide to referring and earning as a Vacation Ambassador


Vacation Ambassadors share four ways to earn a FREE TRIP


Blog about your travels

Jack Donoghue
Beverly, MA
19 referrals, 2 FREE TRIPS

Sharing his experiences on a personal blog allows Jack to reach a much bigger pool of potential new travelers in just a few clicks. Consider this 13-time traveler the ultimate e-Vacation Ambassador. “Just be honest and put your take on the trip out there, and say that if [prospective travelers] have further questions, just ask.”


Host a Travel party

Jean Anderson
Burlington, VA
11 referrals, 1 FREE TRIP

Jean earned her free trip to Vietnam within days of hosting a Travel Party, which Grand Circle helped her arrange. The trick was a carefully chosen guest list: “We’re a large group of women hikers. In the summer we hike and bike, and in the winter we cross-country ski … We’re all independent. We love talking about travel. They were the right people to invite.”


Have a Q&A session
with friends

Raymond & Barbara Greinke
Green Valley, AZ
8 referrals, 1 FREE TRIP

Most of the Greinkes’ referrals have come about organically—by sharing stories with friends over dinner or answering questions candidly about their travels. “We tell them where we’ve gone and what we’ve done, what the food is like, what’s included … everything about it. We give them the website. The big catalogs really, really help a lot of people decide.”


Keep referral cards
on hand

Aaron & Carole Mall
Baltimore, MD
12 referrals, 1 FREE TRIP

Twenty-two-time travelers Aaron and Carole Mall don’t leave the house without their referral cards: “I am never without cards and I constantly hand them out,” says Aaron. In fact, most of the people the Malls have referred are not friends or relatives but passionate travelers they meet in everyday life.

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