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Vacation Ambassador Referral Program: Rewards

Refer new travelers and earn $5,900 or more in CASH

With our newly enhanced referral program, you can earn more rewards than ever for referring new travelers to 2015 trips. In fact, we’re offering the most generous rewards package in the travel industry.

More Rewards

  • $500 for referring four new travelers who depart in 2015

More Choices

  • A FREE TRIP or $4,500 CASH for your eighth referral

More Time

  • Earn a FREE TRIP or $4,500 CASH for every additional eighth referral—whenever they depart
  • Extended credit window: You now have two years to apply your Vacation Ambassador travel credits
  • Already a Vacation Ambassador? Every new traveler you’ve referred who has departed since 1/1/13 will be counted toward your first $4,500 payout in the new program

2015 Referral Program Rewards | Looking for the 2014 Referral Program?

As always, new travelers save $100 per person on their first trip when they mention your name and Customer Number. New travelers can reserve their own trip or join you on a trip; either way, the Vacation Ambassador rewards apply.

Number of
Travelers Referred
Rewards Earned for
Each New Traveler*
Total Reward Value
8 Free Trip or $4,500 CASH $5,900
5-7 $200 CASH or credit $1,400
4 $500 CASH or credit $800
1-3 $100 CASH or credit $300

*Please note: To earn CASH rewards shown above for your first 7 referrals, referred travelers must depart in 2015. To earn $4,500, 8 referred travelers must have departed since 1/1/13. Vacation Ambassador savings cannot be combined with our Group Travel Program.

And the rewards continue for 9+ referrals

  • $200 for every additional new traveler you refer who departs in 2015
  • A FREE TRIP or $4,500 CASH for every eighth referral—no matter which year they depart


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