Ireland in Depth with the OLLI @ Granite State College (G8-27564)

As you travel through Ireland, delve deeply into a land rich in history, legend, stirring music, and verdant landscapes. Begin your journey in Dublin, Ireland’s cosmopolitan capital, before continuing on to the historic city of Kilkenny. From there, you’re off to Cork and its nearby seaport of Cobh, from which thousands of Irish emigrated during the Potato Famine. You’ll also visit Killarney and the 110-mile Ring of Kerry, boasting some of Ireland’s most astonishing scenery, before exploring the eerie landscape of the Burren and the captivating Cliffs of Moher. Finally, end your Ireland guided tour in lovely Galway, where there’s a tune playing around every corner. This Ireland tour is an in-depth discovery of the Emerald Isle—its lore, its lands, and above all, the gregarious charm of its people.

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Your Group Information

Group Name: OLLI @ Granite State College
Group Leader Name: Laurie Galletta
Contact phone number for information and reservations: 1-800-597-2452
Group Booking Code: G8-27564
Pre-trip Name Northern Ireland
Pre-trip Cost: $1095
Post-trip Name: Ennis, Adare & Limerick
Post-trip Cost: $895
Departure Date: 5/10/18*
Base Tour Return Date: TBD
Deposit: $350
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