To request a Best Price Guarantee match, a traveler is required to present to a Grand Circle Travel Counselor their requested Grand Circle departure date and proof of the potentially comparable trip (details about base program pricing, specific departure date, any Single Supplement fees, and other taxes and fees).

A traveler may be asked to submit a photocopy or screen shot of the potentially comparable trip to Grand Circle as part of the claim review process. A traveler is not required to have reserved their departure at the time of contacting Grand Circle; to proceed with their Best Price Guarantee claim, they are required to make a deposit on the Grand Circle departure in question. Grand Circle reserves 24 business hours to review claim details and respond. If a traveler has paid for their departure in full, a partial refund will be issued within two weeks; if a traveler has not paid in full, the trip price reduction will be reflected in their invoice within two weeks.

For trips outside 120 days of departure, a traveler must initiate their Best Price Guarantee claim within two weeks of reserving the Grand Circle departure; for trips within 60-120 days of departure, within three business days of reserving; for trips within 60 days of departure, within 24 hours of reserving.

Determination of whether a trip qualifies as comparable, and determination of comparable travel companies, is at the sole discretion of Grand Circle and the criteria are subject to change. Grand Circle reserves the right to take additional factors into account when comparing trips. Standard Terms & Conditions apply. Every effort has been made to produce this information accurately. We reserve the right to correct errors.