Guidelines for Participation

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Our Travel Forum was created to provide you with the opportunity to connect with other travelers who share your passion for travel. It’s simple to create an account, membership is free, and it only takes a moment to join. Once you do, you’ll be able to share your travel experiences and post questions to other travelers.

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General Posting Guidelines

Be Relevant
Please stick to the topic of travel when posting in our Forum. Stay on the relevant topic and do not disrupt a discussion in progress. If you have a specific customer service question or issue, please contact our Traveler Support Team by calling 1-800-221-0814.

Be Respectful
Use of any inappropriate language, personal attacks, and hate speech are not permitted. Respect others’ opinions and suggestions.

Be Mindful of Privacy Issues
Please do not post the personal information of other members (full names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc).

Community Dos & Don’ts


Look for the best place to post your question or response
When you post in the most relevant “Discussion Area”, you are more likely to get responses you need.

Be sincere in your contribution
Due to the volume of postings on our Travel Forum, our staff is unable to review every topic, reply, and profile. Please click on the ‘Report Abuse’ button if you see an inappropriate posting.


"Create a stir"
Some messages or content may “get the blood boiling”. We ask that you refrain from posting such content. If you feel that somebody is “creating a stir”, please do not reply or argue with the poster. The best course of action is to ignore the post and use the report abuse button to alert us.

Hide behind your Forum Name
We respect the right to be anonymous on our Forum. However, this anonymity may lead some people to say things they wouldn’t say face to face. Keep the conversations civil & polite as if you were having an in person discussion. Also, please know that we know who you are, even if other members do not.

Falsely represent yourself or your affiliation
Do not impersonate another person or entity and/or convey affiliation with any person or entity with which you have no authority to represent

We reserve the right to remove the following types of posts:

  • • Content that is considered likely to disrupt, to provoke, to attack, or to offend others
  • • Advertisements for products or services for profit or gain
  • • Copyrighted materials with no reference to the original owner
  • • Spam or duplicate posts
  • • Posts that are off topic from that particular thread

For more information, see Terms of Use under Agreement not to Misuse and On-line Communications and Forums.