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Author: hmappes

Joined: 3/22/2012
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February 28, 2014

    We did the January 2014 tour of Croatia, Montenegro,Bosnia/Herzegovenia,Slovenia via small cruise ship Artemis. We were a little concerned about how the weather would be but, we dressed in layers and, although we had several cloudy days, there were only two rainy ones and the temperature was usually 40's to 50's during the day. We heard that this ares is very hot and very crowded with tourists in the usual travel months and it was great to "have the place to ourselves". If you are a big shopper you may be disappointed, as many of the shops and restaurants close for the off-season. However (I thing our tour guides helped here) several opened up for us. 

       Our tour guide, Antun, really made our trip for us. He was a wealth of information and his presentation left us laughing one minute and crying the next. The countries have so much recent, sad history but Antun wanted us to experience only the joy of the rebuilding and the courage of his people.Thank you , Antun, you did a fantastic job!

       The countryside is alsolutely breathtaking and our coach drivers the best as we encountered an ise storm that reminded us of a Dr. Zhavago scene-an ice palace. The trip to Krka Falls was amazing. 

      Our ship was comfortably cozy with cabins more spaceous than those we've had on sea voyages. Our captain welcomed us to the bridge at anytime and was a wealth of information. He navigated new routes just to spare us a couple of rough nights at sea. He charted a course using the shelter of the many islands to protect Artemis -and mainly her passengers- from rough seas.. The food was great and varied on board . Our home hosted dinner was unforgetable and all the extra treats Antun surprised us with (to make up for the cloudy weather!) were wonderful.

      We can't say enough to recommend this trip. It's unique and full of history as well as beauty. Again, thank you Antun and Ivan for the memories!

Author: sealionlady

Joined: 8/1/2010
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Traveler Since: 2001

February 28, 2014

 In the March 2014 issue of International Travel News, there is an article about another GCT trip on the Artemis, Hidden Gems of the Dalmatian Coast and Greece.  The ship seems to be delightful and both trips interesting ...... perhaps in 2015!


Author: retirement

Joined: 7/30/2012
Posts: 64
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Traveler Since: 2006

March 01, 2014

What a nice review of your Adriatic Cruise.  To help others in their decision to take this trip, it would be so helpful if you put this review out under the reviews for the Adriatic.  I agree with you, we couldn’t have chosen a better winter cruise.  We traveled November and returned December 21st, so we were there for the start of Advent.   What a festive time of year.  We were on the Athena which is identical to the Arethusa.  We know this because we requested the same cabin, and everything was the same, even down to the soap dish. 

Sealionlady, pre-book your trip now, the small ships are wonderful, and I can personally highly recommend the “Treasures of the Aegean”.  On any of the 3 small ships cabin 302 or 301 is what we consider the best cabins on the ship.  You have easy access from your balcony  to the front of your deck for taking photo’s when docking.  They do the anchoring in the front, but we were never bothered by any noises.  Of course at our age our hearing isn’t the best.  Our large suitcases slid perfectly under our beds.  One word of advice the beds are a bit hard, so if you request extra padding, your bed is made to be quite comfortable.

Author: rblume8351

Joined: 10/27/2013
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Traveler Since: 2007

March 02, 2014

 There is a downside to 302/1 - because these cabins are near the bow, the outside wall tapers.  The space between the wall and the bed is noticeably less at the foot of the bed than at the head.  If one has mobility problems, it could be an issue.  That said, the location on the ship is fine.  Of course it is a small ship, so nothing is inconvenient.

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