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Grand Circle Travel—Worldwide Discovery by Land & by Ship

Traveling with Grand Circle is about more than sightseeing. It’s about immersing yourself in other cultures, sharing the warm camaraderie of like-minded American travelers, and feeling comfortable, safe, and well-cared for every step of the way. It’s not simply a destination you’ll find, but a profound awareness of the life-changing joy of cultural connections, and we’ve been creating those connections for more than 50 years.

Explore by land

The Sydney Opera House. The Great Wall of China. The rolling hills of Tuscany. After decades of helping travelers discover wonders like these, we certainly understand why they appear on your travel “to do” list. And while we’re proud to feature the world’s most alluring travel destinations on our itineraries, we also take you to lesser-known locales that few Americans ever see. But we also know that sometimes, the most unforgettable travel experiences occur in the most ordinary places: the unassuming villages, family homes, schools, workplaces, and farms that comprise the heart of a nation. Beyond included sightseeing tours of each locale and port of call, our exclusive Discovery Series events will transport you to the heart of local life and culture. Perhaps you’ll find yourself admiring the speed and dogged determination of Border Collies at an Irish sheep farm, dancing the tango in the streets of Buenos Aires, or sharing in a meal with a local family in Wales. Through unique activities that are built into your trip, you’ll enjoy personal connections in your group of no more than 42 travelers that might only take a moment to form, but can last a lifetime in your memory.

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Travel by ship

Enjoy the harmonic pace along Europe’s “beautiful blue Danube.” Quench your curiosity about ancient Greece as you cruise the Adriatic. Discover the wonders of the British Isles as you hug the rugged coastline. These are just some of the world’s great waterways that await you on one of Grand Circle Cruise Line's worldwide vacations. Aboard one of our award-winning fleet of ships, you’ll revel in the easygoing pace, the convenience of unpacking just once, the intimate shipboard atmosphere that foster camaraderie, and the gracious attention of our professional onboard staff. You and your fellow travelers can watch each new locale come into view from your ship’s deck or lounge, and chat at day’s end in the dining room, where ALL meals—and wine, beer, and soft drinks with lunch and dinner on 2015 itineraries—are included. And once you step off your “floating hotel,” you’ll enjoy extensive land exploration as well, with both memorable included tours and an array of learning activities that offer a personal, intercultural experience.

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Meet congenial, like-minded friends

Whether you’re traveling by land or ship, Grand Circle is known for the spirited camaraderie of our trips—a quality that singles and couples alike often cite as a highlight of their travel experience. After all, bonds form easily when you’re sharing discoveries with peers. Plus, many of our single travelers tell us that they especially enjoy the size of our groups (no more than 25 to 47 travelers on our Grand Circle Cruise Line vacations and no more than 42 travelers on our Land Tours) because it enables them to meet—and get to know—new people. In fact, over the years, many travelers have formed lifelong friendships, found future travel companions—and even met their future spouses—during a Grand Circle vacation.

Our Program Directors share an insider’s perspective

With our staff in Boston and 35 regional offices around the world, we work hard behind the scenes to provide you with a standout experience on every Small Ship Cruise Tour, River Cruise, or Land Tour. But we know that the real standouts of any Grand Circle trip are our dedicated, resident Program Directors, who will open the doors to new cultures for you. These exceptional men and women are all English-speaking residents of the countries you will visit, because we feel strongly that no one can truly show you a place better than someone who lives there. Your Program Director’s wonderful command of local history and culture will enrich your experience—while their passion for their homeland will only enhance your appreciation of it.

And as you travel in a group of like-minded American travelers, you can also count on your Program Director’s natural leadership skills to make you feel part of the group—especially if you’re traveling solo. Beyond facilitating introductions to other travelers who share your interests, your Program Director will plan group activities and share tips on how to spend your free time. Just knowing that they are on hand when you need them will help you feel relaxed and open to new experiences.

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Meet local people where they live, work, and play

Most travelers rarely get to know the residents of a destination beyond the hotel staff or local merchants. But when you join Grand Circle, you’ll meet people from all walks of life, visiting them where they work, where they learn, and where they live—frequently right in their own homes. Sing a song with Chinese primary school children. Visit a Swazi glassblowing workshop as local artisans practice their delicate craft. Tour a working winery with its German vintner—and sample local vintages. Thanks to the individual relationships Grand Circle has developed over the years with so many local families, you will be welcomed into their homes as an honored guest, enjoying an opportunity for real cultural exchange.

Travel safe, confident, and carefree

What can you expect on a Grand Circle vacation? Accommodations that are contemporary and comfortable. Experiences which are culturally insightful. Destinations which are historic and engaging. And choices for everything you do. We’ve been to each locale, cruised each waterway, and inspected everything, so all you have to do is relax, explore, and have the time of your life. Meanwhile, your expert, resident Program Director will be with you to ensure that you have the best travel experience possible. So while you should be in reasonable health to fully enjoy your vacation, you needn’t be an athlete—thanks to our leisurely pacing and emphasis on traveler comfort.

Traveling for change: One village, one leader, one life at a time

Our special brand of travel would not be possible without the cooperation and goodwill of the communities we visit. To that end, Grand Circle is dedicated to giving something back to the world we all share. So a portion of the profits of every Grand Circle trip is donated to our nonprofit Grand Circle Foundation, which supports cultural, community, and educational causes in the places you visit.

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