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  • It is Grand Circle’s goal to provide you with the air option that best suits your needs. For this reason, we offer different air programs. When you book your trip with air through Grand Circle, we automatically send you a preliminary flight itinerary as soon as flights are available. You may also view this itinerary in your My Account. Depending on when you are departing and what flight options you may have already selected with our air department, it may still be possible to personalize and/or upgrade your flights. Here is a summary of the options available to you:

      Land Only Standard Air Personalized Air
    Overview Your trip price does not include U.S. domestic air, international air, or airport transfers; you’ll make your own arrangements. Your trip price includes U.S. domestic/international air on the airline and routing of Grand Circle’s choice. Your trip price includes U.S. domestic/international air on any airline and routing of your choice. Options within this program include:
    • Business class/premium economy
    • Custom air requests such as early departures, stopovers, and breakaways
    • Contracted Air—take advantage of Grand Circle’s special rates
    • Published Air—purchase flights as advertised by the airline(s) with Grand Circle’s help
    Benefit The only option that allows use of miles, points, etc. for your international airfare. The best value and the most flexibility if you need to change or cancel your trip. The widest choice and the ability to personalize your trip based on your individual travel preferences.
    Fee/costs No fee No fee No fee. However, depending on the flights you select, there may be additional costs as determined by the airline(s).
    Can I make changes later? Subject to the airline. You must work directly with the airline. Yes, within Grand Circle’s policy; see our Terms & Conditions or speak with a Travel Counselor for details. Maybe. Certain options will allow limited changes for additional fees. New flights or new requests are also subject to airline availability. Published Air options cannot be changed and are nonrefundable.
    Other points to know Airport transfers are not included, but may be purchased separately from us. Your preliminary air itinerary may change more than once prior to your departure. Payment of the airfare cost for Published Air is due in full once the request is confirmed. Requests must be received within 71 days prior to departure. An exception: Breakaways can be requested up to 46 days prior.

    For more details on each of our air programs, please visit our Terms & Conditions or call 1-800-321-2835 to speak with our dedicated team of Air Travel Consultants.

  • Yes—you need to request a change more than 46 days prior to your departure date. It’s very important that you double check the spelling of your name when making your reservation, providing us your name as it appears on your passport (minus your middle name), and checking the spelling shortly after you receive your invoice and air itinerary. If there are misspellings that aren’t corrected, your airline tickets won’t be usable. To avoid having to reissue tickets or buying completely new tickets, be proactive. And remember: You will not be able to request changes within 45 days of departure.

    Please note: You will be responsible for any applicable charges imposed by our vendors. Name changes are considered traveler substitutions, which are subject to cancellation charges.

  • Yes, but note that the airline will not always give you a seat assignment in advance. Grand Circle will forward to the airline your request for preferred seating, and you can check for confirmation of your seat requests on the Air Itinerary page within your personalized My Account (look for Special Flight Requests at the bottom of the page). It is important to note that you DO have a confirmed reservation, even if you don’t see a seat assignment on your air itinerary.

    • If the airline is able to pre-assign seats, your seat will be indicated on your final air itinerary
    • If the airline does not pre-assign seats, we recommend that you check in early at the airport and request your preferred seat.
    • On select Grand Circle vacations, you may be able to request a seat via My Account. Look for a “Modify” button in the upper right corner of the Air Itinerary page—clicking it will give you the opportunity to request a seat assignment. This feature is available at the discretion of the airline—if the airline allows requests for your flight, you’ll be able to select your seat assignment from a chart. If the airline does not allow requests for that particular flight, an error message will appear.

    Please note: Bulkhead seating and emergency exit seating cannot be pre-assigned, as airlines need to qualify passengers for those seats at check-in. If you prefer these seats, we strongly recommend that you check in early.

  • Work with your airline to rebook your flight, then call us right away. Grand Circle is available 24 hours a day to assist you with your travel needs, including those caused by flight delays or cancellations. After you rebook your flight with your airline, call us with your updated flight information.

    • Monday-Friday 9am-8pm and Saturday-Sunday 9am-7pm (EST): Call our Customer Service department at 1-800-321-2835 (toll free)
    • All other times: Call our Flight Watch staff at 1-800-866-2034 (toll-free) or 1-617-346-6090 (collect calls accepted)

    Please note: Grand Circle is not responsible for flights delayed or cancelled, portions of trips missed due to such issues, or additional expenses incurred prior to joining your trip.

  • We will create your preliminary air itinerary approximately 72 hours after you make your reservation, and send it to you via both mail and email. You can also view your itinerary within My Account. Please note that this itinerary is subject to change. You’ll need to contact us immediately if your first and last names do not appear exactly as they do on your passport.

    Based on our routing guidelines, we’ll offer you non-stop flights whenever possible, as well as acceptable connection times of no less than two hours and no greater than four hours. If you are dissatisfied with your preliminary air itinerary for any reason, please contact us at 1-800-321-2835 to speak to an Air Service Counselor. We’ll give you additional options around your routing and airlines, and work with you to create an itinerary that suits your needs.

    In general, we strive to offer you the best value possible, and we negotiate special airline contracts—which may contain certain restrictions that affect availability, choice of seats, flights, routes, and/or specific arrival times. While we charge no administration fee to customize your air itinerary, you may be subject to increases in airline costs.

    You will receive a final documents package that includes your final air itinerary approximately 15 days prior to your departure date.

  • Absolutely—with our Personalize Your Trip options, you can make your own flight arrangements. If you choose to do so, please note that you are responsible for all flight arrangements before and after your trip’s itinerary.

    If your itinerary is altered unexpectedly, it’s important to note that you will be responsible for flight changes and costs—and you do not automatically have the benefits or travel protection otherwise offered by Grand Circle. You can, however, enjoy third-party airfare travel protection when you purchase our land-only Travel Protection Plan coverage and extend it to cover your airfare.

    If you arrange your own airfare, you are also responsible for all airport transfers to and from the first and last stop on your itinerary. You can arrange those independently or purchase optional transfers through Grand Circle. The cost of transfers will vary based on your trip, but starts at $25 per person each way—note that you must make your transfer request at least 45 days prior to your departure. Click here to learn more about this option.

  • Yes, on participating airlines. Business Class upgrades are available on most Grand Circle trips, at a significant discount from airlines’ retail fares. Premium Economy and Economy Plus are offered by select airlines on a more limited basis, but we’ll submit your request when available.

    • If you haven’t yet made your reservation, you may purchase a seating upgrade when you reserve.
    • If you have already reserved your trip, you can request an upgrade by calling Traveler Support toll-free at 1-800-321-2835.

    Please note: Seating upgrades are subject to availability.

  • Yes. We encourage travelers to make their most of their international airfare and maximize their discoveries. Subject to flight availability, you’ll have the option to arrange “break away” airfare at the beginning or end of your adventure—giving you the chance to travel on your own to wherever you choose.

    It is important to note that you are responsible for confirming your flights, arranging your airport transports, and arriving at the proper airports for your flights. Additional air charges may also apply. You must request to “break away” no later than 46 days prior to departure—confirmation information will become available about 45 days before your departure date.

    Please note: Grand Circle can only arrange airfare for a “break away” and will not assist in making any other travel arrangements during that time. For more details, please visit our Terms & Conditions. “Break away” opportunities are not available on Grand Circle Foundation’s Cuba People-to-People program.

  • Plan for the unexpected—just in case. We want and hope for you to enjoy smooth travel throughout your journey, but it’s always best to be prepared for surprises.

    • Arrive early: Giving yourself plenty of time for traffic, check-in, security, and other unanticipated delays will help keep you feeling less stressed. Also note that many airports now have websites that provide real-time information on airport security delays.
    • Check your check-in times: Whether you contact your airline by telephone or visit its website, it’s always a good idea to make sure you have the latest information.
    • Know your “Operating Carrier”: You may be traveling on an airline other than the one listed on your ticket. If your itinerary identifies an Operating Carrier, be sure to check in with that airline for your flight.
  • Visit your My Account. If an air itinerary has been created for you, you can view the current routing on your personalized My Account. Keep in mind that air itineraries are subject to change until your tickets are issued:

    • If your air itinerary changes within 120 days of departure, we will contact you by mail.
    • If your air itinerary changes within 45 days of departure, we will contact you by phone.
  • Yes. If you purchase Grand Circle’s airfare for both trips, we will arrange your air travel between the two trips. You will be responsible for any additional costs, if applicable, for the flights connecting your trips. In addition, you will be responsible for transfers, accommodations, and any other expenses incurred during the period between your two trips.

  • We will absolutely do our best to make that happen. If you begin and end your trip on the same date—and at the same airport—as a companion, even one who is under a separate reservation, let us know if you’d like to travel together. We will make every effort to make those arrangements for you within 120 days of your departure date. Your request will be reflected in your final package.

    Please note: Please do not call for confirmation outside of 120 days from your departure date. If you and your companion are starting or ending your trip at different airports, we cannot book you together on international flights—to provide each of you the best value and accessibility, we must arrange your air itineraries separately.

  • We arrange your flights so that you have a minimum of two hours and a maximum of four hours between connecting domestic and international flights, however, your connecting time varies based on flight schedules. If you prefer more or less time than what we’ve provided you, please contact us at 1-800-321-2835 to speak to an Air Service Counselor.
  • Mileage accrual for Frequent Flyer programs is at the discretion of the airlines. We've contracted special rates to provide you with the best value, and in many cases this may prohibit mileage accrual.
  • Departing flights:

    • U.S. Departure: If you are among a group of ten or more Grand Circle travelers who depart the U.S from your international gateway city, a Grand Circle Airport Representative will assist you at the U.S. airport with the check-in of your flight.

      If you are arriving at your international gateway city via a connecting domestic flight, the Grand Circle Representative will be stationed at the check-in counter for your departing international flight, not at the domestic arrival gate.

    Arriving flights:

    • International Arrival: A Grand Circle Representative will meet you at the airport after you exit customs and escort you to a private motor coach for your transfer to the boat pier or hotel.
    • U.S. Arrival: At the end of your trip, you'll be transferred to the airport for your return flight to the U.S. If you are among a group of ten or more Grand Circle travelers who return to the same U.S. gateway city, a Grand Circle Airport Representative will meet you as you exit customs and help you find taxis, buses, hotel accommodations, or connecting flights.
  • If your group consists of ten or more passengers traveling from the same city on the same day, we will do our best to accommodate you all on the same flights—but we can’t guarantee it. Please note: Your preliminary air itinerary and seat assignments are subject to change. Your Group Leader will be made aware of your group’s flight itinerary.
  • Luggage restrictions vary from trip to trip, so we suggest checking your Travel Handbook for specifics. However, standard luggage specifications include: One piece of checked luggage, weighing up to 50 pounds and not exceeding 62 inches in total of height + width + depth. And one smaller carry-on bag of up to 15 pounds, not exceeding 45 inches in total of height + width + depth.
  • Most flights within the U.S. and to destinations in North America or Central America no longer provide complimentary meals. However, meals may be available for purchase on board. Complimentary meals continue to be provided on most international flights. Please inform us when you make your reservation with any special meal requirements (salt-free, low-calorie, kosher, etc.).
  • Please contact your airline regarding oxygen canister restrictions. Most airlines require advance documentation from your doctor and will not allow passengers to carry their own oxygen on board.
  • We recommend that you call your scheduled airline or visit their website within 24 hours of departure to reconfirm that your flight times have not changed.
  • Aer Lingus 800-223-6537 
    Aeroflot 888-340-6400 
    Air Canada 800-247-2262 
    Air China 800-882-8122 
    Air France 800-237-2747 
    Air India 800-223-7776
    Air New Zealand 800-262-1234 
    Alaska Airlines 800-426-0333 
    Alitalia 800-223-5730 
    American Airlines 800-433-7300 
    Austrian Airlines 800-843-0002 
    Avianca 800-284-2622
    British Airways 800-247-9297 
    Cathay Pacific Airways 800-233-2742 
    China Airlines 800-227-5118
    Copa Airlines 800-359-2672
    Delta Airlines 800-221-1212 
    Emirates 800-777-3999
    Finnair 800-950-5000 
    Iberia Airlines 800-772-4642 
    Icelandair 800-223-5500
    Japan Airlines 800-525-3663 
    Jet Airways 877-835-9538
    JetBlue 800-538-2583
    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 800-225-2525 
    Korean Airlines 800-438-5000
    LAN 866-435 9526 
    Lufthansa German Airlines 800-645-3880 
    Qantas Airways 800-227-4500 
    South African Airways 800-722-9675
    Swiss Air 877-359-7947 
    Taca International Airlines 800-400-TACA 
    TAP-Air Portugal 800-221-7370
    Thai Airways 800-426-5204 
    Turkish Airlines 800-874-8875 
    United Airlines 800-241-6522 
    US Airway 800-428-4322 
    Virgin Atlantic 800-862-8621