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Tips for Finding Travel Companions

There’s nothing quite like exploring new destinations and cultures. And when you’re able to share these experiences with a friend or fellow travel partner, it’s even more enjoyable. If you’re interested in finding a like-minded traveler to journey with on your next Grand Circle vacation, follow a few of these helpful tips:

  • Find common interests
    Since you probably won’t spend the entire trip with your travel companion, you don’t need to share all of the same interests. But it’s still important to have at least one or two things in common so you enjoy the time you do spend together.
  • Explore your options
    It’s always great to travel with one of your close friends, but they’re not always the best travel partner. Find a travel companion that has similar travel interests, along with your same passion and zest for world exploration. Consider group members, co-workers, or even your neighbors.
  • Check bulletin boards
    Visit the bulletin boards at your local community or retirement centers, church groups, or other hobby groups to see if anyone is looking for a travel buddy. Or, hang your own travel companion request on the board.
  • Search online
    You can connect with fellow travelers on our Travel Companions online community. Or, visit online travel forums or popular social networking sites with open travel discussions. Here, you can find like-minded travelers that share your travel interests and “must-see” lists.
  • Set ground rules before you go
    Along with enjoying the great experiences during your travels, you also have to be able to work through issues you may encounter on your trip. Prior to departing, be sure to discuss your goals and expectations for your vacation—along with setting rules if you think it’s necessary. Something as simple as who will shower and when can cause problems during your trip that could have been avoided beforehand.

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