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ReelEarth: The Parlor Boy

Posted on 11/20/2018 12:00:00 AM in What We're Watching

A note from independent filmmaker David Conover on why he chose this film:

In this short film by Indian filmmaker Akanksha Sood Singh, we meet Parveen Sharmara, a hairdresser in the suburbs of Delhi. In Parveen’s parlor, we feel the joy of his clients, and the camaraderie he shares with his employees. We also feel his tension; those of the Brahmin caste do not cut hair. Parveen reflects on his father’s wishes for him to work in government—maybe he should not have strayed from the trajectory of his caste, he muses. His children study hard, but have passions of their own. How have his own choices influenced his own children? A complex and layered story—just like India … and a good haircut!

Produced by Akanksha Sood Singh

About David Conover:

David Conover, a long-term partner of O.A.T. and Grand Circle, is an award-winning filmmaker and conservationist whose work has appeared on Discovery Channel, PBS, and National Geographic Explorer. He is the founder of Compass Light Productions and the nonprofit Conservation Media Group, and was recently the Coastal Studies Scholar at Bowdoin College. Learn more about David here.

Immerse yourself in the culture and make lasting connections with locals during O.A.T.’s Heart of India adventure.

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