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No Place Like Malta

Posted on May 09, 2017 in What We’re Watching

A note from independent filmmaker David Conover on why he chose this film:

Observing Malta from above is truly an incredible view. The first thing we behold in this short film by Malcolm Debono are the magnificent colors: the green-blue of the ocean, the taupe of the craggy shoreline, the rust-red of the dried brush. I recently read a poem by Richard Blanco, titled “We’re Not Going to Malta.” The poet describes passing by Malta in foul weather, unable to reach land. He says, heartbrokenly, “Malta is drifting past us, or we are drifting past it—an amorphous hump of green and brown bobbing in the portholes with the horizon.” In this film we drift past Malta freely, from above, but its distance from land far below evokes the same longing for the island’s intangible beauty described by Blanco.

Courtesy of Malcom Debono

About David Conover:

David Conover is an award-winning filmmaker and conservationist whose work has appeared on Discovery Channel, PBS, and National Geographic Explorer. He is the founder of Compass Light Productions and the nonprofit Conservation Media Group, and was recently the Coastal Studies Scholar at Bowdoin College. Learn more about David here.

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