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Top 10: 2021 Small Ship Adventures

Posted on 7/14/2020 12:00:00 AM in The Buzz

Stockholm, Sweden, set on an archipelago of 14 islands, is among the highlights of the #1 Small Ship Adventure on this list.

As we look ahead to 2021, we’ve established health and safety guidelines specific to our fleet of privately-owned and privately-chartered 50- to 98-passenger small ships—so if you’re dreaming of traveling by ship next year, you can join us with peace of mind. More than 8,800 travelers are already planning a Small Ship Adventure in 2021—here’s where most of them are headed.

10. Ultimate Galápagos Exploration & Ecuador’s Amazon Wilds—16-day O.A.T. Small Ship Adventure

7 nights aboard a privately chartered 16-passenger Galápagos small ship that adheres to our health and safety guidelines

Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Machu Picchu & Cuzco, Peru—6 nights; Post-trip: Ecuador: The Andes & the Devil’s Nose Train—6 nights

From the colonial streets of Quito to the tropical rain forests of the Amazon Basin and the pristine shores of the Galápagos Islands, we’ll experience Ecuador’s many splendors on an itinerary rated excellent by more than 92% of travelers. You’ll find that Ecuador’s capital is a stark contrast to the diverse flora and fauna and riverside communities of the Amazon. Here, we meet the locals who call the Amazon home, and form the type of cultural connections that are only possible in a group of our size. Then we explore the Galápagos Islands in depth on our seven-night cruise. Each day, we'll step ashore in search of the islands' unique wildlife; by night, we'll sleep aboard a small ship chartered exclusively for our small group.

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9. Machu Picchu & the Galápagos—17-day O.A.T. Small Ship Adventure

3 or 4 nights aboard a privately chartered 16-passenger Galápagos small ship that adheres to our health and safety guidelines

Optional extensions: Pre-trip: The Amazon Rain Forest of Peru—6 nights or Bolivia: La Paz, Lake Titicaca & Uyuni—8 nights; Post-trip: Colombia: Bogota & Medellin—6 nights

Travel to Machu Picchu and the Galápagos Islands with O.A.T. to discover two of Latin America’s most fascinating destinations. First, follow in the footsteps of the ancients as you walk among the impressive ruins of the “Lost City of the Incas" and experience Peruvian culture in the Andean landscape of the Sacred Valley. We stay here overnight so you can fully explore the enigmatic ruins, arriving early in the morning before the larger crowds and staying late after other travelers have cleared out⁠—an exclusive opportunity that few companies offer. Then continue to Ecuador's Galápagos Islands, where you may swim in unspoiled waters with rollicking sea lions as your playmates. You'll also find a living laboratory of Darwin’s theory of evolution in these "Enchanted Isles."

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8. Turkey’s Magical Hideaways—17-day O.A.T. Small Ship Adventure

4 nights aboard a privately chartered 14-passenger Turkish gulet that adheres to our health and safety guidelines

Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Azerbaijan: Baku & Guba—6 nights; Post-trip: Turkey: Kazdaglari, Canakkale & Istanbul—6 nights

Discover multicultural treasures on a journey from the palaces and grand mosques of exotic Istanbul to the surreal landscapes of Cappadocia, a geologic wonderland in the Turkish heartland. Walk in the footsteps of saints and legionnaires in Ephesus, and then witness the cliff-top beauty of Antalya. Plus, you’ll ply the enchanting waters of the Turquoise Coast for four nights aboard a private 14-passenger gulet-style yacht—a modern version of the traditional wooden-hulled sailing vessels that plied the Aegean for centuries—where you can swim in translucent waters, witness Lycian tombs hewn into the cliffs, and visit a hidden bay where Marc Antony built baths for Cleopatra.

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7. New! Turkish Coastal Voyage: Greek Islands, Istanbul & Athens—15-day O.A.T. Small Ship Adventure

7 nights aboard our privately owned 50-passenger M/V Athena

Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Ankara & Cappadocia, Turkey—5 nights; Post-trip: Athens & Crete—6 nights

Join us on a unique Turkish coast and Greek island cruise that sails the legendary waters of the Aegean—Homer's "wine-dark sea"—and captures all the glory of mythic heroes of the past. Discover the enchantment and scenic beauty of the Greek islands dotting Turkey's breathtaking Aegean coastline on a week-long cruise aboard a private 50-passenger O.A.T. small ship. Along the way, you and your fellow travelers will explore classical ruins, delve into ancient legends, and immerse yourselves in the charm and traditions of life in the Greek Islands.

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6. Italy’s Western Coast & Islands: A Voyage from Rome to Valletta—17-day O.A.T. Small Ship Adventure

10 nights aboard our privately-owned 50-passenger M/V Artemis or M/V Arethusa

Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Italy: Florence, Siena, Rome—5 nights; Post-trip: Italy: Milan, Orta, San Giulio Island, Borromean Islands, Valle Strona—5 nights

Savor la dolce vita (the sweet life) along the Italian peninsula and its neighboring islands on an incredible journey of discovery aboard our 50-passenger small ship. Marvel at the treasures on display in the “Eternal City” of Rome, and then revel in one of the most romantic gardens—home to ruins and roses—in Ninfa. Then cruise along the sparkling Tyrrhenian Sea from the Italian mainland to tiny lemon- and cypress-tree dotted islands, where fishing vessels and sailboats tuck into cozy harbors and ports. See how the locals live in these hidden gems—like Pozzuoli—and taste the regional flavors, from the daily catch to fresh capers.

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5. Undiscovered Adriatic: Eastern Italy, Venice, Puglia & Malta—17-day O.A.T. Small Ship Adventure

11 nights aboard our privately owned 50-passenger M/V Arethusa

Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Italy: Trieste and Slovenia: Ljubljana—5 nights; Post-trip: Italy: Rome—4 nights

Embark on a comprehensive journey across the Adriatic and Ionian seas and find out why 89% of travelers rated this trip excellent. With the only travel company to offer an itinerary of this kind, you'll discover a side of Italy that few American travelers have ever seen. Aboard an award-winning, 50-passenger small ship, you'll cruise from the top of Italy's boot all the way past the toe to discover what life is really like in six of the popular peninsula's lesser-known regions—as well as the tiny island of Malta.

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4. Hidden Gems of the Dalmatian Coast & Greece—16-day O.A.T. Small Ship Adventure

11 nights aboard our privately owned 50-passenger M/V Athena

Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Slovenia: Bled—3 nights; Post-trip: Greece: Olympia, Nafplion & Athens—5 nights

During this comprehensive adventure, which has an 89% traveler excellence rating, visit destinations that have enchanted travelers for more than a millennium. You’ll not only discover the Dalmatian Coast's iconic cities, but also travel off the beaten path to smaller ports, like Hvar, aboard our privately owned, 50-passenger small ship—expressly designed and constructed for just two small groups of 20-25 travelers each (with an average of 22). Your ship also pulls into port in the amazingly well-preserved medieval city of Kotor, Montenegro, and in Albania, where you’ll learn about that country’s communist past and visit the ancient ruins of Butrint. And, call on gems of ancient Greece—from Corfu to Delphi, and Athens.

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3. The Aegean Islands, Athens & Istanbul—16-day O.A.T. Small Ship Adventure

7 nights aboard our privately-owned 50-passenger M/V Athena or M/V Arethusa

Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Greece: Olympia, Nafplion & Athens—5 nights; Post-trip: Turkey: Ankara, Cappadocia—5 nights

In Greece, the cradle of Western civilization beckons to you with its proud monuments, sun-drenched isles, and friendly people. Journey to Greece on this Small Ship Adventure that has an 89% traveler excellence rating, and discover the enduring treasures of antiquity, from the Parthenon in Athens to the Temple of Apollo and the monasteries of Meteora. Then enjoy a Greek island cruise aboard O.A.T.'s private small ship and explore millennia-old settlements layered deeply in myth and history. Visit Delos, birthplace of Apollo … breathtaking Santorini … bustling Patmos … lively Mykonos … and Kusadasi, gateway to ancient Ephesus. Plus, spend two nights in Istanbul, Turkey’s cosmopolitan capital, where East meets West and ancient culture enlivens modern life.

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2. Iberian Voyage: Lisbon to Barcelona—15-day O.A.T. Small Ship Adventure

10 nights aboard our privately owned 89-passenger M/V Clio or 98-passenger M/V Corinthian

Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Portugal: Lisbon—3 nights; Post-trip: Spain: Barcelona—3 nights

Ply the waters of the Atlantic Ocean as your ship navigates Iberia's welcoming coast. This trip is book-ended by stays in two iconic cities: Barcelona, where you'll soak in the surreal skyline and the city's lively ambiance while making cultural connections with friendly residents, and Lisbon, including its colorful medieval neighborhoods. Along the way, you'll also uncover relics of the region's eclectic cultural heritage in Cartagena ... enjoy a taste of North African tradition in Tangier ... behold the legendary Rock of Gibraltar, and savor a traditional meal with a local family.

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1. Grand Baltic Sea Voyag—14-day O.A.T. Small Ship Adventure

10 nights aboard our privately owned 89-passenger M/V Clio

Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Denmark: Copenhagen—3 nights; Post-trip: Sweden: Stockholm—3 nights

Set out across the sable waters of the Baltic Sea and discover enchanting castles, whimsical villages, and medieval squares on a voyage on a Baltic and Scandinavian voyage rated excellent by 93% of travelers. Explore seven countries and immerse yourself in the distinct and unique cultures of each region, with a Trip Experience Leader and local guides fostering authentic experiences along the way. And because of our ship's small size, you'll not only be able to witness the Baltics' iconic highlights—like lavish St. Petersburg and bustling Stockholm—but also delve into the region's more remote gems—like colorful Visby and historic Riga, small ports only accessible by small ship.

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