Our Favorite Traveler Stories

The holidays are a great time to reflect on the discoveries we’ve made throughout the year—and sharing our explorations with one another. I thought it would be a great time to look back on my favorite stories submitted by fellow travelers.

Ice Capades in Antarctica

Corine Freeman of McDonough, Georgia, checks off the final two continents on her world list, on our Antartcica’s White Wilderness trip.

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Russia from the Crows’ Nest

After being stationed all over the world for work, Joanne and Hugh Crow rediscover where he was stationed during the Cold War on Russia Revealed: Moscow to St. Petersburg.

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Coming full-circle

Inspired by the “Greatest Generation” on his vacation with wife Helen, Calvin Lyons writes a book after his The Seine: Paris to Normandy River Cruise.

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Art in Amsterdam

Jane Lehr, a 24-time solo traveler, shares her discoveries on Holland & Belgium in Springtime—including what she learned on two trip extensions.

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Two countries, double fun

Lynn and Roger Gee share food for thought about their Spain & Portugal in Depth trip.

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Rediscovering Europe

Foliage and fun draw Vicki Campbell back to Germany and Switzerland after nearly 20 years on Romance of the Rhine & Mosel.

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