A few favorite things in Alpine Europe

One of my family’s oldest holiday traditions has been to watch The Sound of Music together. Since my children were little, we’ve fallen under its Alpine spell once a year, gathered around the TV.

The movie alone is one of the reasons why one of the first places Charlotte wanted to visit when she was old enough to travel was Austria, and even Edward enjoyed the musical, fantasizing about hiking through Switzerland. It’s no surprise then, that as they’ve gotten older, we’ve visited many destinations from the film together—and fallen in love with the region even more. Indeed, if we sang “These are a few of my favorite things,” the Alps might make the list.

This holiday season, I'm happy to share these favorite spots with you, as we introduce a new Grand Circle journey: Romantic Villages of Alpine Europe. What I love about this trip is the way it shows the entire region—you’ll not only spend time in the Von Trapp’s homeland of Austria, but explore the Lake Stresa area in Italy, experience the Swiss Alps (no hiking required!), and Germany’s evocative Bavaria.

As you view sweeping vistas or enjoy a fairy-tale castle visit, you might recall the The Sound of Music, too. But as Grand Circle does with all of our trips, we’ll make sure you experience the real-life stories of the region, meeting woodcarvers, dining in a family home, and more. I hope this holiday, you’ll treat yourself to the gift of travel and that the Alps will be on your list of favorite things soon.