Bringing a Taste of Europe Home

The end of summer is one of my favorite times of year—meeting up with friends for get-togethers outdoors before the fall chill hits the air. There's nothing quite like the joy of sharing your family recipes—each one with its own unique memories and traditions—with your "inner circle" around the grill or campfire. And even though, after all these years of marriage, I still haven't managed to perfectly re-create Alan's mother's delectable apple pie, that doesn't stop me from trying...

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Destinations: Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland

Ask Harriet: River Ship pillows

Q: I know this is an off-the-wall kind of question, but are the pillows down or foam on the M/S River Concerto (or similar)? I know the River Ships have duvets, which I love, but am curious since I prefer down pillows and sleep better with them. Thank you...

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Destinations: Netherlands, Germany, Austria

Potato Salad: Bridging German, American Traditions

There’s nothing like gathering with friends for a barbecue to celebrate another wonderful summer. One of Americans’ favorite side dishes, potato salad is usually served around this time of year, when dill is in season in the States—but it's most popular at Christmastime in Germany. No matter when it’s made, or eaten, it’s always good when served up alongside grilled hot dogs, sausages, or bratwurst...

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Destinations: Austria, Germany, Netherlands

Rediscovering Germany & Switzerland

Quaint towns, beer & wine tastings offer this solo woman traveler plenty of fun on the Rhine & Mosel river cruise...

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Destinations: Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France

Serving Those Who Served

Each year, when the Next Generation Leaders (NGLs) arrive at our Boston headquarters, they fill the building and each department with such incredible energy—and they’re always eager to get to work right away. Unlike typical internships that involve menial tasks like filing, an NGL’s role is meant to be challenging and fulfilling. This year, as soon as their internships started, we challenged the group with organizing a particularly complex community service event...

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