Traveling Solo: An Opportunity to Make New Friends

Sometimes Alan I and have scheduling conflicts, or I just want to take some time to travel on my own. When I do, I find myself seeking out the most convivial settings, places where a sense of community naturally prevails—whether it’s a local marketplace where women are buying and selling produce, or a handcrafts cooperative, where artisans ply trades passed down by their mothers and grandmothers. Choosing a River Cruise offers that same feeling of camaraderie not just in your destinations, but as the defining quality of the entire trip, since you get to know your fellow travelers and share new experiences with them.

I’ve discovered that I’m not the only woman who enjoys traveling solo. The four trips at the heart of our River Cruise offerings are among the most popular vacations for women traveling on their own. Romance of the Rhine & Mosel, Eastern Europe to the Black Sea, and Old World Prague & the Blue Danube are all perennial favorites for travelers who love the blend of independence and community these itineraries offer. And, of course, our The Great Rivers of Europe cruise continues to be the best-loved River Cruise of all, a classic that never loses its luster.

Whether you’re choosing your first River Cruise or your tenth, you’ll find that traveling solo as a woman comes with its own learning opportunities and unique challenges. I’ve gathered some of the most useful advice and lessons I’ve learned over the years—including wisdom I’ve received from travelers like you—into one collection, 101 Tips for Women Travelers. You can request your own free copy by clicking here

And while you’re online, please check out our video gallery, which features clips from our special Women’s Day event as well as glimpses into what awaits you on each of our River Cruises, and more. I hope you’ll be inspired by these videos to seek new corners of the world with Grand Circle Cruise Line, making friends and finding community around every bend in the river.

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