Virtual Bulletin Board

Facebook’s IPO may have been making the top headlines lately, but there’s no shortage of other exciting social media news online, including one of my new favorite sites: Pinterest. A virtual bulletin board of sorts, Pinterest allows you to organize and share your interests like vacation photos, favorite recipes, and what’s on your “Bucket List.” For many people, this is travel, and what better way to share and learn about others’ experiences than by visiting—or even posting on!—our board. I’ve been inspired by users’ zeal posting, sharing (“re-pinning”), and commenting on travel photos; illustrating their dream destinations; putting up collages and recipes from Grand Circle Cruise Line’s destinations; and suggesting such offline reads as The Solo Traveler’s Handbook. You can even find Grand Circle Cruise Line’s new videos here, featuring footage from some of our top destinations around the globe. Or, get a sneak peek of the newest exhibits at the gallery in our Boston headquarters.

I’m so inspired by your travels and stories that I would love to see even more! Logging on is as exciting as spinning a globe and seeing where it takes you. Please share your photos and ideas with me and other travelers on our Pinterest board. Once you start pinning, it becomes addictive!

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