Spring Rejuvenation—For Nature, and For Us All

Every April, Alan’s mother used to say something that always stuck with me: “We lived to see another spring.” In Boston, we’ve had such unusual weather lately—it hit 85 degrees in March. It was so warm for just long enough that the magnolias popped open on Commonwealth Avenue, which is one of my favorite sights—like our own little version of Japan’s cherry blossoms. For this one day, it was amazing to see so many of them … and then, that night, the temperatures plummeted back below freezing. The next day, they looked like dirty dish rags. To think of the tremendous energy nature had put into this display, just for that one beautiful day, made me feel so lucky to have seen it.

As nature begins to renew itself in the springtime, with trees budding and shoots pushing from the ground, I always think about my personal rejuvenation—and naturally, for me, my thoughts turn to travel. It may seem strange that we’re focusing on Antarctica this month in Harriet’s Corner, just as we’re finally packing away our winter clothes, but if Antarctica (the White Continent) is still on your list, now is the time to start planning. The window to visit each year is so fleetingly small, and we just announced dates for 2013. Not sure? This 10-minute video featuring our travelers’ experiences just might change your mind. While Antarctica is usually a once-in-a-lifetime destination, it sure did make me want to go back—as did this month’s Traveler Story from MaryAnn and Bill King.

Have you ever found yourself rejuvenated by travel? If so, I’d love to hear about it. Next month, we’re featuring Turkey and Italy in Harriet’s Corner—but I look forward to stories from all of your journeys.