Announcing Grand Circle’s New Small Ship Cruise Tours

I’ve been lucky to travel a few times to the Mediterranean, both by land and by ship—and there’s something about the water here that’s unlike any other sea in the world. It’s not navy, not royal blue, but its own beautiful shade. It’s just one of many reasons why taking to the sea is my favorite way to explore Greece and Croatia—and, as it turns out, Grand Circle travelers can now do so aboard my new favorite small ship: the M/V Arethusa.

When I recently cruised in the Middle East aboard the Arethusa, it was beyond my expectations—and, I’ll admit it: I’m fussy. The rooms and the common areas were beautiful, and the food was amazing. The chefs were absolutely outstanding—as was the entire crew. We loved eating on the top deck, and we even had room to exercise up there, too! I think the Arethusa and her sister ships are well suited for exploring the small ports of the Mediterranean—from the Aegean to the Dalmatian Coast to the Adriatic.

For me, some of the most magical moments in these ports occurred while we were docked late at night. One night years ago while I was docked at an island in Greece, I woke up just two hours after I fell asleep. I decided to walk up to the bow of the boat, and I found myself under this unbelievable sky. I have never seen so many shooting stars in my life—and as I watched them fall I could hear the water lapping gently against the sides of the boat and the goats roaming around on the island, the little bells around their necks lazily clanging.

With no artificial light, it was like looking up at infinity—and I remember thinking, “I’m part of the universe, and there is so much I don’t know.”

Have you ever found unexpected magic in your travels—whether by land or by sea, by sunlight or moonlight? I’d love to hear about them. Please email me, or share your thoughts in the comments. We’ll be focusing on different regions of Europe in next month’s Harriet’s Corner, including the Black Sea and the grand cities of Budapest, Vienna, and Prague.